Another Important Step is Taken for Engelsizmir

Barrier-free steps project is launched for visually impaired individuals
Barrier-free steps project is launched for visually impaired individuals

Izmir Metropolitan Municipality, President Tunç SoyerWith the vision of "Another Disability Policy is Possible", it continues its services by strengthening it in order to create an equal and fair living space for every citizen and to create Engellessizmir. The “Barrier-Free Steps Project” is being implemented, which will facilitate the participation of visually impaired individuals in social life. Aiming to engage visually impaired individuals with buildings, Unobstructed Steps will act as voice navigation through the mobile application. The project, the first implementation of which started at the Ahmed Adnan Saygun Art Center, is aimed to become widespread in all service areas of the Metropolitan Municipality.

İzmir Metropolitan Municipality, which has the title of “Disabled Friendly Municipality”, added a new one to its works to make every area of ​​social life more accessible for disabled individuals. The Barrier-Free Steps Project, whose work has come to an end, will facilitate the lives of visually impaired individuals in closed spaces. The Barrier-Free Steps Project, which is intended to be used in all service areas of the Metropolitan Municipality, can be downloaded and used by mobile application.

How will it work?

The Barrier-Free Steps Project aims to facilitate the life of a visually impaired individual in a closed area. Thanks to the mobile application downloaded to the phone, routing is made to defined points in the closed area with voice commands. It gives voice commands to the direction that the disabled individuals want to go, by means of the transmitters placed in the buildings with the infrastructure. The user can also perceive where he is in the building thanks to the application, as well as determine the point he wants to go and proceed with voice navigation. Personalized features are also offered to visually impaired individuals, who can find out what is around them in their location through the phone. Changes can be made, such as various language options, and the way distances are narrated.

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