Emirates Launches Humanitarian Air Bridge for India

Emirates launches india humanitarian air bridge
Emirates launches india humanitarian air bridge

Emirates launched its humanitarian air bridge to transport emergency Kovid-19 relief supplies to India. The airline will offer a free shipping quota to Non-Governmental Organizations (NGOs) for the delivery of relief supplies on all flights from Dubai to nine cities in India.

In the past weeks, Emirates SkyCargo has begun carrying medicines and medical equipment on scheduled and private cargo flights to India. This airbridge initiative takes Emirates' support for India and NGOs to the next level.

HH Sheikh Ahmed bin Saeed Al Maktoum, Emirates' Chief Executive Officer, said: “India and Emirates are connected since our first flight to India in 1985. We stand by the Indian people and will do everything we can to help India get back on its feet. At Emirates, we have a lot of experience in humanitarian efforts and in 9 flights a week to 95 destinations in India, we will use wide-body aircraft to ensure the regular and reliable transport of relief supplies. "The International Humanitarian City in Dubai is the largest crisis aid center in the world and we will work closely with them to facilitate the transport of emergency medical supplies," he said.

Emirates was the first package shipped under the Indian humanitarian air bridge, the shipment of more than 12 tonnes of multi-purpose tents from the World Health Organization (WHO) and shipped to Delhi under the coordination of IHC in Dubai.

Giuseppe Saba, CEO of the International Humanitarian City, said: “Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid is Dubai's International Humanitarian City to deliver aid to communities and families most in need, in coordination with humanitarian organizations. ' (IHC). The creation of a humanitarian air bridge between Dubai and India, which will be used by Dubai's International Humanitarian City and Emirates SkyCargo for the transport of UN agencies emergency medical and relief supplies, is another example of the realization of Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid's IHC vision. More than 1.292 packages were sent from the IHC in Dubai last year, and the standard for global humanitarian aid was established. "We appreciate the great efforts of IHC's partner Emirates SkyCargo to build this humanitarian air bridge between Dubai and India at this time of need."

Emirates' cargo division works closely with IHC and has also been developed over the past few years by providing relief supplies to communities affected by natural disasters and other crises around the world. IHC will support Emirates SkyCargo in routing relief efforts to India via the air bridge.

In the wake of the Port of Beirut explosions in August 2020, Emirates has also used its expertise in humanitarian logistics on its air bridge in Lebanon to support relief efforts.

Emirates has led aviation and air cargo transportation in its efforts to help markets around the world tackle the COVID-19 outbreak. Last year, the air cargo carrier was quickly adapting its business model and offering additional cargo capacity with modified mini cargo carriers by removing the Economy Class seats on the Boeing 777-300ER passenger plane, as well as the cargo cabinets in the seats and overhead compartments inside the passenger aircraft to carry urgently required supplies. It has helped transport thousands of tons of urgently needed PPE and other medical supplies across six continents, and Emirates SkyCargo has partnered with UNICEF and other organizations in Dubai through the Dubai Vaccine Logistics Alliance to quickly transport COVID-19 vaccines to developing countries via Dubai. To date, close to 60 million COVID-19 vaccines have been carried on Emirates flights, equivalent to approximately 19 in 20 of all COVID-1 vaccine doses administered worldwide.

Emirates helps ensure uninterrupted supply chains for vital supplies such as medical supplies and food, with scheduled cargo flights to close to 140 destinations across six continents.

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