First Shots Are Successful With Electron Gun

First shots successfully with electron gun
First shots successfully with electron gun

The first firing tests were successfully carried out in the Electron Gun Development Project carried out in ASELSAN. The success achieved with the electron gun, which is the most critical component of three-dimensional printers for additive manufacturing, is in the field of defense and aerospace.
It ensured that an important step was passed in the development of domestic and national XNUMXD printers that could be used.

In the tests carried out at the end of 2020, the electron beam with a power of 4,32kW was hit on a 2 cm thick copper test plate under vacuum. The electron beam kept on for 10 seconds formed a melt pool of approximately 1,5 mm diameter in the copper plate.

In order to remove electron beam at higher voltage values, a corona ring to prevent arc formation was designed and produced. Bunching test with the corona ring was carried out in March. A successful result in preventing the designed part arc formation
by providing the targeted voltage values ​​of 90kV. Electron beam with 90kV voltage and 10mA current values ​​hit a 1,2 mm thick aluminum plate and created a 1 cm wide hole in the plate.

The electron gun prototype, whose studies are continuing intensively, will be made ready for use for the next stage in 2021, the electron beam and metal powder interaction experiments.

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