Dr. Behçet Uz Recreation Area is Ready for Autumn

dr behcet uz recreation area ready for autumn
dr behcet uz recreation area ready for autumn

Mayor of Izmir Metropolitan Municipality Tunç SoyerOne of the promises made before the election within the framework of 'A greener Izmir' vision, Dr. Behçet Uz Recreation Area renovation project has come to an end. President, who announced that the 180 thousand square meter recreation area will be put into service with its new face in September. Tunç Soyer“We are pleased to keep our promises,” he said.

Mayor of Izmir Metropolitan Municipality Tunç SoyerAnother important project promised by 's election campaign is being completed. Minister Tunç Soyer, “Dr., which has been idle for a while between Çamdibi-Gültepe districts. We have completed 80 percent of the renovation works in the Behçet Uz Recreation Area. We are happy to keep our promises. Good luck to all Izmir residents in advance," he said.

The 180 thousand square meter recreation area that will come into service with its renewed face in September, will be the new attraction center of the city with its terrace where Izmir residents can watch the city, children's playground, sports activities and recreation areas.

Sports opportunities for young people

The Recreation Area will include a football field suitable for disabled entrance and a 500-seat tribune, a 480-meter long tartan running track and a 800-meter bicycle track, a fitness area at 4 separate points, a traffic training park for children, playgrounds, sports and picnic areas. Closed entrances will be reactivated and a connection will be established with the Gültepe neighborhood in the south of the area. New functions will be added to the terraces with sports equipment. The existing structural areas will be enriched with urban reinforcements and transformed into a viewing terrace. There will be a grass area for the events to be held in the park. The 600 square meter children's playground will be equipped with a new generation of children's playgrounds such as slides and climbing. There will also be a security camera system in the park.

497 new trees, over 200 thousand plants

In the renovation project, which cost 17,3 million lira, 3 thousand 150 trees in the area were preserved. The planting of 497 new trees, over 200 thousand plants including shrubs, wraps and groundcovers will also begin in the coming days. Within the framework of İzmir's Life in Harmony Strategy, plant species that are completely suitable for the natural flora of the Mediterranean and İzmir region will be used instead of exotic plant species in the recreation area. Water conservation was planned with xerophyte landscaping plants on large green areas. Since most of the structural units are located in the water protection basin, they are designed to be mobile. Until now, infrastructure works, railing and reinforced concrete wall manufacturing have been completed in the field. Production of the changing rooms and grandstands of the football field is about to be completed. Children's playground, bicycle and running track manufacturing continues.

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