Diyarbakır Seyrantepe Intersection is Held

Seyrantepe intersection is being held
Seyrantepe intersection is being held

Diyarbakır Metropolitan Municipality turns the 17-day full closure process announced due to the epidemic into an opportunity and organizes intersections that cannot be used efficiently.

The renovation and arrangement works initiated by the Road Construction Maintenance and Infrastructure Coordination and the Transportation Departments in the city center continue at full speed.

The teams started to arrange the Seyrantepe Bridge Junction by taking advantage of the decreasing traffic density in the curfew restriction applied due to the epidemic.

Roundabout at Seyrantepe Junction is removed

The roundabout will be removed and improvements will be made in other branches in order to alleviate the heavy traffic in the level part of the Seyrantepe bridge intersection and to ensure a rapid flow.

With the new regulations, vehicles will be allowed to leave the intersection quickly in their own lanes.

There will also be an intersection on Ahmet Arif Street.

At the point where Ahmet Arif Street connects to Elazığ Boulevard, a new arrangement is being made at the intersection, which cannot be used efficiently due to the closure of the middle median.

With the new arrangement, the traffic of Seyrantepe and Mahabad Boulevard will be reduced by activating the intersection by ensuring the flow of vehicles in all directions.

Work starting at both points will be finished at full closing restriction

At the Seyrantepe intersection, the underpass and overpass will be open to traffic and the drivers who will use the level part should use alternative roads in the works that started today.

Traffic flow will continue in a controlled manner in the works started on Ahmet Arif Street.

The works on Seyrantepe Junction and Ahmet Arif Street will be completed within the full closing restriction period.

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