Transportation Support from Diyarbakır Metropolitan to Those Who Will Take the ALES Exam

Transportation support for those who will take the ales exam from diyarbakir big city
Transportation support for those who will take the ales exam from diyarbakir big city

Diyarbakır Metropolitan Municipality has allocated additional vehicles to those who will take the ALES exam on May 2 so that they do not have any difficulties in transportation.

After the 17-day full closure decision taken by the Presidential Cabinet, the Metropolitan Municipality continues to work with all its units in the city to ensure that the citizens are not victims.

20 more vehicles will be put on the journey

The Department of Transportation has allocated an additional vehicle to ensure that citizens who will take the ALES exam on Sunday, May 2, do not experience problems in transportation.

Providing service with 103 vehicles due to full closure, the Metropolitan Municipality allocated 20 more vehicles on the day of the exam so that the citizens do not have trouble.

For the ALES exam, public transportation service will be provided by additional vehicle between 1:2 and 3:4 on the city lines A6, A8, A2, A8, B2, B2, CE3, E5, F07, Z30, AY, AZ, B13, Z00 on Sunday. .

Cooperatives have been warned about the students coming from the districts to the city center for the exam

The Department of Transportation stepped in to ensure that those who will come from the districts that it does not serve to take the exam to the city center do not have problems in transportation.

By the Department, the cooperatives were warned that any disruption in public transportation service would not be allowed by making the necessary information and official correspondence.

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