Civil Service Status in Railways Will Continue

civil servant status will continue in railways
civil servant status will continue in railways

Adil Karaismailoğlu, the Minister of Transport and Infrastructure, visited the Transport Officer-Sen and made statements to the President Çalışkan and the Deputy General Presidents on the structuring process in the Railways. During the visit, UAB Personnel General Manager Leyla Akıncı, UAB Strategy Development Head Yunus Emre Ayözen, UAB Minister Advisor Melih Özyardımcı and UAB Special Secretary Sinan Güler accompanied Minister Karaismailoğlu.

Minister Karaismailoğlu, referring to the issues previously announced by the Transportation Officer-Sen in a declaration, in his statement during the visit, “Upon the request of Transportation Officer-Sen, the Civil Service regime in TCDD will continue as it is, the railroaders will protect the job security exactly, the compulsory pool system will not be introduced stated.

Minister Karaismailoğlu added that the upcoming process will be carried out through consultations between the Ministry and the Generally Authorized Union Transport Officer-Sen.

Minister Karaismailoğlu also stated that in the collective agreement negotiations to be held between Memur-Sen and the Government in August, they will give the necessary support as the Ministry for the acquisition of the transportation employees.

General President Çalışkan thanked Minister Karaismailoğlu for listening to the calls of our Union and Railroaders and said, “The current personnel regime in railways; It does not interfere with competitive policies, making profits, keeping pace with the era and restructuring, the personnel working subject to the Decree No. 399 continue to work within this scope, the protection of job security, status law, civil service regime, the development and strengthening of the railways on the condition that the personnel's vested rights are not compromised. He stated that they will contribute and support the works to be carried out with common mind and consultation ”.

President Çalışkan also said, "I would also like to thank our Minister of Transport and Infrastructure, Adil Karaismailoğlu, for his support in the Collective Agreement negotiations that we will hold this year."

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