D-Marin's 3 Marinas Received Blue Flag This Year Again

d marina's marina received the blue flag this year too
d marina's marina received the blue flag this year too

The International Blue Flag Jury announced the Blue Flag awards for 2021. In the Marinas category, 3 marinas of D-Marin in Didim, Göcek and Turgutreis are eligible to receive the Blue Flag this year. kazanwas. Right to fly the Blue Flag in the individual yacht category kazanAmong the moments are the “Soda” anchored in D-Marin Göcek and the “Xanax” and “S/Y in Love” anchored in D-Marin Turgutreis.

D-Marin, one of the largest marina chains in the Eastern Mediterranean Region with its first-class facilities and superior quality service approach, will fly the Blue Flag this year at Didim, Göcek and Turgutreis marinas. kazanAmong the 6 individual yachts, there are “Soda” moored in D-Marin Göcek and “Xanax” and “S/Y in Love” moored in D-Marin Turgutreis.

D-Marin, which prioritizes environmental sensitivities in its understanding of high quality service, uses infrastructure systems that support natural life and observe ecological balance. D-Marin Didim, Göcek and Turgutreis, where green and blue meet, continue to host their guests with high environmental, health and hygiene measures.

The Blue Flag eco-label, which includes the criteria for the protection of the environment and public health and carried out under the coordination of the Turkish Environmental Education Foundation (TÜRÇEV), is the most known and trusted program in the world in this field. This year, 49 beaches, 519 marinas, 22 individual yachts and 6 tourism boats from Turkey are eligible to participate in the program implemented in 10 countries around the world. kazanwas.

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