D-Marin Qualified for Safe Tourism Certificate

d marine is entitled to receive safe tourism certificate
d marine is entitled to receive safe tourism certificate

D-Marin, which has taken the procedures in international standards within the scope of pandemic measures, was entitled to receive the "Safe Tourism Certificate". D-Marin thus became one of the first companies to eliminate the negative effects of the pandemic and meet the high hygiene and safety expectations of its guests.

D-Marin, which took high-level measures to protect the health of both its employees and guests at the beginning of the pandemic process, achieved another first and was awarded the “Safe Tourism Certificate”. As a result of the inspections carried out at D-Marin's Göcek, Turgutreis and Didim facilities, it was determined that D-Marin fulfilled all the requirements.

The certificate includes assigning a manager to manage the entire process in order to meet the expectations of the guests of sea tourism facilities, preparing protocols for all departments, providing training for employees on these issues, conducting effective work on hygiene and disinfection and social distance, and completing the processes of reducing the risks of COVID-19 transmission.

A certificate covering the enterprises that have received Operation or Investment Certificate from the Ministry of Culture and Tourism and the enterprises deemed appropriate by the Ministry; Ministry of Health, Ministry of Family, Labor and Social Services, Ministry of Agriculture and Forestry, Ministry of Health Science Board, World Health Organization (WHO), General Hygiene Law, Veterinary Services No 5996, Plant Health, Food and Feed Law, TSE 13811. Hygiene and Sanitation Management Systems were prepared on the basis of National and International Health and Tourism Sectors application examples.



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