Is Covid-19 Seen in Babies?

Is it seen in covid babies
Is it seen in covid babies

Covid-19, the global epidemic disease of the century, can be transmitted to babies if measures are not taken! As the pandemic continues with all its uncertainty, the fledgling parents who are much more worried nowadays are in a hurry about how they can protect their babies from the coronavirus.

Acıbadem Fulya Hospital Child Health and Diseases Specialist Dr. Ülkü Yılmaz ShaveStating that parents can ensure that their babies go through this process in a healthy way by paying attention to certain rules, “Since the immune systems of newborn babies are not fully developed, they are extremely sensitive to infection even in normal times, and their care under these extraordinary conditions requires much more care. While there is a hypothesis that when the disease starts, children are less infected with the virus, over time, we have seen that babies can also be infected. " says. Child Health and Diseases Specialist Dr. Ülkü Yılmaz Thür made important suggestions for the care of newborns in the Covid-19 pandemic; He explained the rules to be considered if the mother, father or baby is Covid-positive.

Stay alone with your baby during the pandemic process

In our society, there are auxiliary family members next to the parents after birth. However, this situation leads to contact with many people, which increases the risk of infection in the pandemic. For this reason, the mother and father should be alone with their baby during the pandemic process, and it should be ensured that the baby comes into contact with as few people as possible. Although this situation initially disturbs the parents, it shows that they adapt better later on with their babies.

Pay close attention to hand hygiene

Due to the Covid-19 pandemic, which has been in our lives for more than a year, much more attention should be paid to the rules of care for the newborn baby. Hand hygiene, in particular, is critical. Always wash your hands before breastfeeding the baby.

Breastfeed your baby a lot during this period.

We are just learning about the unknowns about Covid-19. However, we know that breast milk is a powerful food against all infections. For this reason, it is very important for the mother to feed her baby with breast milk. There are many substances in breast milk that provide immunity. Thus, the baby can spend the newborn period stronger.

Make sure you get your Covid vaccine

Dr. Ülkü Yılmaz Shave “If it is time for breastfeeding mothers to be vaccinated, they should definitely have it done. Because breastfeeding has no obstacle to being vaccinated. After the vaccination, the mother can continue to breastfeed her baby at the same frequency. In this way, the mother will protect herself with the vaccine as well as protect her baby. However, it is necessary not to relax the measures by relying on the vaccine and to pay attention to the rules in the pandemic process after the vaccination, ”he says.

Ventilate its environment

The hygiene of the baby and its being in a clean environment will also reduce the risk of infection and allergic situations. For this reason, when the baby is taken out of the room, the room should be ventilated at intervals and this air flow should be provided regularly during the day. The environment will become less risky with the fresh air coming from outside.

Do not neglect doctor's examinations and controls

Child Health and Diseases Specialist Dr. Ülkü Yılmaz Shave “Families may be afraid to come to the hospital due to Covid-19, but the evaluation of some findings of the newborn baby in the first weeks is critical, so controls must be made. It is essential to be checked frequently to see if there is any problem with jaundice. "Whether breast milk is sufficient or not, and the diet must be followed," he says.

Change clothes and linens frequently

Since newborn babies are susceptible to infections that may come from outside, it is very important to clean their clothes and linens. For this reason, wash and iron the products used by the baby such as clothes, towels and bedding at at least 60 degrees.

Pay attention to 15 days before and after birth!

Dr. Ülkü Yılmaz Shave “It is very important for parents to contact as few people as possible in the 15 days before and after birth. In this way, it is ensured that the mother and father do not come into contact with a Covid-positive person and the risk of transmitting Covid to the baby is reduced. Although the parents can be tested in routine planned deliveries, there may be periods when the test is negative, although they may be sick. Prenatal testing can be negative, but it may turn out to be positive after birth. For this reason, it is very imperative for mothers and fathers, especially working, unvaccinated pregnant women to isolate themselves in the 15 days before and after the birth, ”he says.

Avoid excessive anxiety

While the newborn period can trigger and increase anxiety, especially the coincidence of the pandemic process causes much more anxiety. For this reason, while the level of anxiety in the care of the newborn baby causes sleep disorders in the parents; In the baby, it causes trouble falling asleep, tension, feeding and gas problems. Parents can stay together with their babies in a more comfortable environment and avoid these problems, since the fear of illness will decrease if they stay with their babies as isolated as possible and cut off contact with the environment.

Make sure your baby's vaccinations are regularly done

The baby should not skip the newborn period and the vaccination processes afterwards, and the vaccinations should be continued regularly.

If the mother, father or baby is Covid positive!

Dr. Ülkü Yılmaz Shave; made important warnings and suggestions regarding what to do in case the mother, father or baby turns out to be positive for Covid;

If the nursing mother is Covid positive!

  • If the mother is Covid positive, she should wear a double mask.
  • He must use his medicine.
  • In the five-day drug use period, he should express his milk and throw it away!
  • Some mothers prefer to breastfeed their babies instead of using medication. However, when the fever reaches 38 degrees and above, we do not recommend breastfeeding in any infection. Because it can be transmitted from breast milk.
  • While the mother is using her medications due to Covid; When breastfeeding is required or when her breast is full, she should definitely empty her breast, express the milk and throw it away. In this process, we teach the baby to be fed with formula for five days.
  • In order not to infect the baby, he must pay attention to the distance and enter the baby's room less and keep his distance apart from his basic needs.
  • When the test turns negative; the mother should breastfeed her baby again.

If the father Covid is positive!

  • One of the family members; For example, if the father is infected, he must be isolated in a different place and his contact with the mother and baby must be cut off. The couple should wear a mask at home. A different family member can be helped to support the mother.

If the baby Covid is positive!

  • Since newborn babies can also be infected; If there is a suspicious situation, the mother and father should definitely look after the baby by using a mask and take it to the hospital immediately.
  • If the baby's Covid test is positive; When the baby is Covid, it usually manifests as respiratory distress. For this reason, newborn babies with Covid are not followed at home and are followed up in the hospital. It is directed to treatment according to the signs and symptoms. No special Covid treatment is applied for newborn babies. In newborns given supportive treatment, respiratory support is provided with a ventilator when necessary.

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