Corona Disrupted Nutrition Habits, The Number of Diabetics Will Increase

corona has broken nutritional habits, the number of people with diabetes will increase
corona has broken nutritional habits, the number of people with diabetes will increase

As a result of coronavirus restrictions, the sedentary life and unhealthy diet have normalized with the increase of time spent in homes, bored at home, gave himself to food. Therefore, experts point out that diabetes will increase even more with the effect of the coronavirus. While 87 people die from diabetes every day in Turkey, the number of people dying from diabetes is expected to increase by 10 percent within 50 years. Southeast is the most risky region due to its meat and dough-based diet.

'They gave themselves to dinner'

Stating that coronavirus has caused a change in lifestyle and eating habits, Turkish Metabolic Surgery Foundation President Alper Çelik said, “The time spent at home has increased. Even people who went out for work and walk before, at worst, only take 100-200 steps a day. Also, people who were bored at home gave themselves to dinner. Pastries and desserts are consumed throughout the day. These are the biggest causes of diabetes. "Unhealthy foods and drinks consumed during the pandemic will return as diabetes in the future," he said.

Have your blood sugar measured

Stating that diabetes has become widespread due to increased stress in business life, unhealthy diet and an inactive life, Çelik said, “The culture of regular sports has not developed much in our country. This leads to a sedentary life and increases the risk of diabetes. Inadequate and bad eating habits are another factor that invites diabetes. With the increase in fast food and ready-to-eat culture, there has been an increase in diabetes rates. "Avoiding dough, fatty or sugary foods that predispose to diabetes and keeping diabetes under control by regularly measuring blood sugar are the most important measures that can be taken."

Turkey ranks 3

When looking at the number of diabetes patients in Europe in Europe, Çelik pointed out that it ranks 3rd right after Russia and Germany, “This shows that 15 percent of the adult population in Turkey has diabetes. The number of people who are aware of diabetes is also very low in our country. One third of people with diabetes are not aware that they have this disease. Only 5 out of every 1 people in Turkey know about diabetes ”.

Most in the Southeast

Stating that there are over 8 million diabetic patients in Turkey, Çelik gave the following information: “Southeast ranks first with 17 percent in the number of people with diabetes due to their eating habits. It is followed by the Mediterranean with 11 percent and the Black Sea with 10 percent. While it is 8.1% in Central Anatolia, it has a distribution of 7.9 in the Aegean and 6.6 in the Marmara. While 4 million people die of diabetes every year in the world, even worse, the number of people who die from diabetes will increase by 10 percent within 50 years. 87 diabetes patients die every day in Turkey. 55 percent of those who die from diabetes are women. "

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