First Direct DHL Global Forwarding Train Arrives From China to Turkey

direct rail service from dhl global forwarding to turkey
direct rail service from dhl global forwarding to turkey

DHL Global Forwarding introduced a new direct rail service to the Turkish market. The first DHL Global Forwarding train, which came directly from China to Turkey, arrived at Izmit Köseköy railway terminal on April 30.

Since the beginning of the global pandemic and the first day that the pandemic affected the logistics industry, DHL Global Forwarding has been working hard to provide solutions to its customers' global capacity and equipment problems. Not only does it provide charter flights, alternative routes, special LCL (Partial Container Load) capacities, DHL Global Forwarding (DHL) has also introduced a new direct rail service to the Turkish market. Operating between Xi'an / China and Izmit / Turkey, direct block train offers a new solution for imports to Turkey. The fast travel time it provides makes this service a viable option that complements existing air and sea freight services.

The 21-container-capacity train, each carrying 50 tons of cargo, set off from Xi'an on April 1 and followed the Trans-Caucasus route covering Kazakhstan, Azerbaijan and Georgia before entering Turkey via Kars Canbaz Station. The train entered Izmit Köseköy terminal on April 30.

Current capacity problems and high freight rates in air and sea transport have increased the demand for rail services. With the new direct train, DHL Global Forwarding offers a fast and effective solution for the Turkish market.

Train Transport

  • Transit time is shorter than ship transportation.
  • It is more economical than air and land transportation.
  • It is more environmentally friendly than other transportation models.

China-Europe rail services started 10 years ago and have long evolved into a reliable and sustainable logistics solution for Chinese and European companies. DHL, one of the logistics companies that first developed the train service and offered it to its customers, now offers this experience to Turkey and neighboring countries on the Trans-Caucasian route.

Turkey is located in the Central Corridor of China's 'One Belt, One Road' project, and the direct rail service can arrive in Izmit Köseköy at advantageous times compared to other alternative modes of transport, starting from Xi'an / China. Therefore, railway transportation between China and Turkey provides an important solution to the supply chain problems experienced by Turkish exporters and importers.

DHL Global Forwarding Turkey and Levant General Manager Ingo Alexander Rahn said, “Operating in a challenging environment requires flexibility and new solutions. With the new direct block train planned between China and Turkey, we offer a reliable transit time to the Turkish market, as well as an additional cost and emission-efficient service with guaranteed access to container equipment.

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