China Canceled 19 Flights From Abroad Due To Covid-487

Cin canceled the flight from abroad due to covid
Cin canceled the flight from abroad due to covid

National Aviation officials announced that China has so far canceled 19 flights to the country due to concerns over the Covid-487 outbreak. In fact, the Chinese airspace is currently open to flights from 52 countries, and over the past four weeks there have been 2 international flights each week. Han Guangzu, one of the officers of the Chinese Civil Aviation Office, reported that 80 of them were passenger aircraft during a press conference on Friday, May 14th.

China's Civil Aviation Authority has invited all airlines to review health regulations, establish emergency quarantine zones on aircraft, and limit passenger capacity on international flights, in order to combat the risk of outside Covid-19 incidents.

Regarding international cargo flights, it was emphasized that air companies should keep the disinfection processes of the aircraft even more tight and create a special delivery process when it comes to high risk loads.

Source: China International Radio

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