Number of China-Europe Train Expeditions Exceeds 38 Thousands

The number of train trips to gin Europe has exceeded one thousand
The number of train trips to gin Europe has exceeded one thousand

📩 18/05/2021 13:16

The number of China Europe Train Expeditions has increased to 38 thousand in the last five years and these trains have reached 22 cities of 151 European countries. China National Development and Reform Commission SözcüSü Jin Xiandong reminded at the press conference held today that China Europe Train Expeditions officially entered service as a brand in June 2016.

Jin Xiandong stated that in the last five years, based on the win-win principle of the train services, connecting facilities in the countries along the route has helped to deepen commercial cooperation and industrial connectivity development.

Jin noted that the total number of China-Europe Train Expeditions reached 38 thousand, carried goods of 3 million 400 thousand TEUs and had a logistics and distribution network covering the whole of Europe. According to the data announced, 218 China-Europe train trips were carried out in April this year. This number increased by 24 percent compared to the same period last year.

Source: China International Radio

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