Ceva Logistics Expands Railway Services from China to Europe

Ceva logistics expands road and rail services from gin to europe
Ceva logistics expands road and rail services from gin to europe

Announcing that it has implemented new block train multimodal solutions from China to European ports, CEVA Logistics continues to work to provide more block train services to Europe.

Explaining that it has opened a new train ferry from Xi'an, China, to Immingham, England, and a special service has been added to the existing service on the route Xi'an - Germany, Mukran (Sassnitz), CEVA Logistics, the highway from China to Europe and continues to expand its range of rail services.

CEVA Logistics, port-to-port delivery time; 20 days from Xi'an, China to Immingham, England, 16 days from Xi'an to Mukran port in Germany, and from June, delivery time from Xi'an to Duisburg with additional special scheduled service to Duisburg station He announced that it would be 15 days.

First train ferry shipment arrives in England

The multimodal train ferry service of CEVA Logistics, which will depart from Xi'an and arrive in Immingham city every week via Kaliningrad, Russia, offers transporters additional freight capacity these days, which are faced with an unprecedented demand for transport and logistics services. On the new route, pilot shipments to Immingham City by block train arrived at Kaliningrad from Xi'an on March 18, from where the ferry arrived in Immingham city on April 6, loading the same day. In the pilot shipment on the new regular connection route, 9810 containers, including e-commerce products with the customs surveillance code of 25, were delivered and service will begin regularly in early June, after other test voyages in May. While CEVA's target for port-to-port delivery is 18 to 20 days, the door-to-door delivery time is targeted to not exceed 25 days.

Private service begins in Germany

CEVA Logistics expands the scope of its fast block train solution serving the Xi'an - Mukran route. In addition to regular connection flights to Duisburg, Germany, a special service with fast and high security started every Thursday on 1 April.

In addition, CEVA, which will start to organize regular additional block train services on the Xi'an - Duisburg route via the Polish city of Malaszewicze, as of June 1, aims to ensure that the port-to-port delivery time is 15 days.

CEVA's rail strategy focuses on block trains

CEVA Logistics continues to expand its regular connection routes from China to Europe, including Spain, Italy and France, with additional block train connections. The company's block trains offer flexible logistics solutions between Asia and Europe, trying to balance the growing demand with a more sustainable method of shipping in terms of delivery time, cost and environment.

Rapidly expanding its range of road and rail solutions from China to Europe in the last two years, CEVA recently announced that regular connection flights to Dourges, France, will begin in January. The port of Xi'an will continue to play a key role in the upcoming developments. CEVA Logistics has shipped more than 2020 block trains from the port in question since May 50.

Speaking on the subject, Xavier Bour, Global Road and Railway Product Leader of CEVA Logistics: “CEVA Logistics continues to take decisive steps to develop sustainable and reliable transportation solutions, especially with railway products on the Silk Road Route. The crisis in the Suez Canal revealed the risks associated with single-method and single-route transportation, and thanks to the additional block trains, new routes and special services we have recently launched, we offer flexible logistics solutions to our customers, as well as establishing safe and cost-effective supply chains. we support it, ”he said.

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