Demand for Steel Construction Villas Increased to 4 Times with Pandemic

Steel Construction Villas
Steel Construction Villas

Demand for steel construction villas peaked with the pandemic process. According to the information provided by the sector representatives that produce houses with a steel construction system, the pandemic has increased the current demand four times.

In the information given by Karmod, one of the leading manufacturers of the prefabricated building sector, it was emphasized that the interest in the detached house before the pandemic had increased significantly. It is stated that the fear created by the Covid 19 pandemic in the citizen triggered the demand at an unexpected rate.

Mutation increased the demand even more

The UK mutation caused by the virus pushed the citizen to seek detached safe housing. Those who want to have a safe house flocked to the companies that produce steel construction villa structures with safe, fast production and installation. Prefabricated building Using new generation technologies in the sector, long-lasting steel construction villas with high building safety are produced. The biggest advantage of the model is that all building materials that make up the villa can be produced in a short time in modern lines. Steel villas, whose factory pre-production is completed, are loaded in a single vehicle and sent to every region of Turkey. The installation of the villas is completed in a short time with a single expert team without the need for different masters. The first choice of citizens who want to place their families in safe detached houses due to the advantage of rapid production and installation in a short time is steel construction villas.

Will migration start from cities to villages after the virus?

Experts speculate that with the coronavirus process, migration from the city to the villages may begin. Especially with the development of internet technologies, many leading companies have adapted to the remote working method. Today, it is possible to work anywhere with a computer and a phone in a village or a plateau where the internet is attracted by the internet. Most of the leading companies, especially technology companies, have switched to the remote working system with the pandemic.

Remote working opportunities have created an attraction for citizens who have land in their villages to return to the village. The desire to get away from many factors such as the traffic of the city, the problems caused by the intertwining and noise pollution increases this attraction. The steel construction villa model has the most advantageous system for those who want to own a detached house in the village. For this reason, it is quite normal that the interest in the building model has increased during this period. When you order the house, you only need to have the ground concrete ready. Your favorite home is produced in a short time in modern facilities using technological lines.

The wall blocks that make up the house, steel roof trusses and coatings, insulation materials are prepared up to the doors and windows. Electricity and water installation systems are prepared up to their fixtures. No resources are used in the building model. For this reason, the necessary screws, bolts and nuts are packaged ready for assembly. The ready-made house loaded on a single vehicle is shipped wherever you want. The team, who is ready at the installation site on the day the vehicle arrives with planning, starts the building assembly immediately. Installation is completed in an average of 3 to 10 days depending on the size of the steel villa. After having the parquet and tile applications done with the floor screed according to your taste, it's time to paint the building. The paint team completes the interior and exterior paint of the prefabricated house within 2 to 3 days and delivers the house in a way that you can sit.

Steel construction villa earthquake safe housing model

The design of the steel construction villa is carried out on the computer using special software programs. The static calculations, which are an extremely important application in terms of the building's safety, are carried out by expert engineers in the same software program. With the steel construction system used in production, the steel villa becomes a reliable building model with high earthquake resistance.

Precise computer preparation in design and static calculations continues in the production line equipped with new generation technologies. The project designed on the computer works in integration with the computer in the machine production line. Steel construction villa production is carried out by preserving the precision in design. The ready-made house, which is fully equipped with steel mesh from the wall blocks to the roof system, together with the main carriers that ensure the building safety, includes high safety against earthquakes with the use of seamless bolt-nut technology.

Turkey shows interest in these Prefabricated House and Villa Models

According to the information we received from Karmod prefabricated house and we have compiled the best sellers of Turkey in villa models for you. In detached economic residences, 64 m2 2 + 1 prefabricated house and 82 m2 3 + 1 prefabricated house are among the best sellers. In order to respond faster to the demand in these popular houses, the company supports the pre-campaign prices in terms of mass production. The prominent advantage of these houses is that a 64 m2 house can be installed in 2 days and an 82 m2 prefabricated house can be installed in just 3 days. Houses can be painted in an average of 2 days. With good planning, you can start living in a safe prefabricated house in 20 days, including the production process.

In the steel system villa models, 3 m1 housing in 132 + 2 plan attracts the most attention. The fully steel-braided villa in this model, which is among the special design of the company, can be installed in as little as 12 days.

It is very easy to own a detached house with prices starting from 35 thousand liras.

One of the most curious issues during the pandemic period is the question of 'how much budget do I need to allocate to own a detached house'. There is also a container house model for low-budget detached houses. The most beautiful feature of this house is that it is ready for use on the same day. It is shipped to every province and every village of Turkey with a single truck. It is delivered to your session in just 6 hours by Karmod teams. Container houses start from 35 thousand liras.

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