Castrol Ford Team Turkey Wins First Place with Ali Türkkan in Rally Bulgaria

castrol ford team won the primacy in bulgaria rally turkey
castrol ford team won the primacy in bulgaria rally turkey

European Championship to Turkey kazanCastrol Ford Team Turkey, which made a mark in history by making a name for itself, successfully completed the Bulgarian Rally, which took place on 14-16 May and gave points to the European Rally Cup (ERT). Castrol Ford Team Turkey's promising young pilot Ali Türkkan and his co-pilot Onur Vatansever, born in 1999, achieved another critical success by ranking 1st in the "Youth Category" (ERT Junior) at Rally Bulgaria. The duo also placed 2nd in the "Two Wheel Drive Category" (ERT2) and 4th in the "ERT General Classification", scoring important points in order to participate in the European Rally Cup Final to be held in Germany in November. kazanwas.

Castrol Ford Team Turkey started the season with 2021 European Rally Cup (ERT) and Eskişehir (ESOK) Rally, the first leg of the Shell Helix Turkey Rally Championship. He completed the Rally of Bulgaria as he had targeted.

Finding the tire and adjustment strategy suitable for variable weather conditions and challenging stage conditions throughout the race, Castrol Ford Team Turkey started a controlled race from start to finish. Rally Bulgaria was also the first international rally experience of young pilot Ali Türkkan. Castrol Ford Team Turkey, wishing to put its name in the final of the European Rally Cup, won the first place in the European Rally Cup Youth Category (ERT Junior) with its young driver Ali Türkkan and co-driver Onur Vatansever at the end of 16 stages with a time of 1 hour 32 minutes and 2 seconds in Rally Bulgaria. and ranked second in Category 2.

In the ERT General Classification, the duo achieved critical points in fourth place as they targeted. With these results, Ali Türkkan reinforced his championship leadership in the ERT Junior and ERT2 categories.

Castrol Ford Team Turkey largely guaranteed the European Rally Cup (ERT) final

Castrol Ford Team Turkey, the European Champion rally team of Turkey, had the chance to experience the pride of flying our flag in the European Rally Cup final once again with the success achieved in Rally Bulgaria.

Young pilot Ali Türkkan was accompanied by Onur Vatansever in this race, instead of his permanent co-pilot Onur Aslan in the Bulgarian Rally. Castrol Ford Team Turkey pilots Murat Bostancı – Onur Vatansever, who competed in the Bulgarian Rally in 2015, competed in this rally with their Fiesta R5 cars. kazanHe became the leader of the European Rally Cup and presented the 2015 European Rally Cup to Turkey at the end of the season.

The European Rally Cup (ERT) final, which rally lovers are eagerly waiting for, will be held in Germany on 4-6 November this year.

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