Where to Get a Work Permit? How to apply for Work Permit Certificate E-Government?

Where to get a work permit, work permit and state application.
Where to get a work permit, work permit and state application.

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Where to get a work permit? is wondering. Employees who have to go to work with the start of the 17-day full closure are investigating the methods of obtaining a work permit. Work permit can be obtained via e-Government. However, in case of a problem on the screen, the work permit can be obtained with ANNEX-1. So, how to get a work permit?

On the days when curfews are applied, employees will be able to go to their workplaces with their work documents, provided that they document that they are within the scope of exemption and limited to the reason / route of exemption. Work documents will be obtained from the Social Security Registration Document Inquiry screen on turkiye.gov.tr. SGK work permit document can also be printed out. So, how to get a work permit?

Where and How to Obtain E-Government Work Permit?

In order to obtain a work permit, you must first have an E-Devlet login password. If you do not have this password, you can also perform your transactions by using the login with internet banking option on the E-Devlet website. In order to obtain a curfew work permit, you will need to access the "Ministry of Interior E-Application" screen after completing this entry.

After entering the e-state system turkiye.gov.tr ​​address, you need to click on the Social Security Institution and Social Security Registration Document Inquiry screen. Then, after logging in with your e-government password and TR ID number, you can view your SGK record on the screen that appears and print it out. You can click on the link below to get SSI registration.

  • Login to the E state system.
  • Write "Social Security Registration Document Inquiry" in the search space section.
  • Download your SGK record in PDF form by clicking on the "Download file" option on the screen and print it out.

Due to the intensity in the system, "Your transaction could not be completed due to a technical problem in the system." or a warning may appear stating that your transaction is in progress. In this case, you have to wait for your transaction to continue.

After this screen is fully opened, you can continue these operations on the next opened screen. If you cannot reach this screen and have trouble getting documents, you can manually continue your transaction as follows;

What to Do If the Work Permit Screen Is Not Working

In case the employee cannot obtain a duty document on time due to problems that may occur in the use of the e-application system, systemic intensity, access error, etc., the duty document form presented in Annex-1 is manually only for once and valid for a maximum of three days. can be filled and signed by the employee and the representative of the workplace / company. Through the e-application system or within the scope of duty documents prepared manually in necessary cases;

The official of the workplace / company is responsible for the accuracy of the information that the person specified in the document he signed is working in the workplace / company of which he is authorized and that he must be in the workplace for a compulsory purpose during the curfew, the person whose duty certificate is issued for the accuracy of the information about himself and the reason for exemption during the curfew. Accordingly, it will be responsible for acting limited in time and route.

The issued duty document will be kept with the personnel working in the workplaces with exemptions during the curfews and will be submitted to the inspection teams during the controls to be made. The duty documents produced through the e-application system will be simultaneously transmitted to the information systems of the law enforcement officers, and during the inspection activities to be carried out by law enforcement officers, those who do not / cannot submit a valid duty document or whose exemption reason, time and route specified in the duty document is incompatible with the situation during the inspection. At this point, the necessary guidance activities will be emphasized by the relevant professional chambers, especially the artisans, industry and / or trade and agriculture chambers, and the workplaces / companies in their fields of activity will be informed and encouraged to comply with the rules. will be.

For the public personnel who will work in the service buildings / places of the public institutions and organizations that will provide services with minimum personnel during the full closure period, the Public Personnel Duty Notification Document given in Annex-2 will be prepared by the authorized administrator and the public personnel within this scope will be It will be subject to exemption limited to the route between residence and workplace within the time frame.

In addition, with the improvements made to facilitate the access of our citizens while in the E-Application System, which is one of the services previously offered by our Ministry in e-Government, the travel permit applications have become available directly from the e-Government Ministry of Interior Services list. made directly accessible separately from the travel permit application. In addition, the application of citizens to upload Death Certificate electronically during the application for funeral permit was abandoned. The accuracy of the application subject will be confirmed by system integrations between our Ministry and the Ministry of Health. "

For Annex-1 Public Official Duty Notification Document CLICK HERE

For Annex-1 Company Duty Document CLICK HERE

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