Bursa Professor Tezok Street Will Have a Modern Look

bursa profesor tezok street will have a modern look

Bursa Metropolitan Municipality is renovating Professor Tezok Street in Yıldırım district, which has been deformed due to its heavy use for years. The street, where all the infrastructure works are completed with the simultaneous operation of the institutions, will have a modern appearance after years.

Bursa Metropolitan Municipality, which continues its efforts to spread comfortable and comfortable transportation to every point of the city in Bursa, has also started working on Professor Tezok Street, which is used intensively in terms of pedestrian and vehicle traffic in Yıldırım district.

1100 meters of milling and 12 meters of road width works were carried out by the Department of Transportation.
In the region, a total of 18 vehicles and 26 Metropolitan Municipality personnel work hard day and night. The asphalt will be completely renewed after scraping and cleaning on the street, where all infrastructure institutions have started and finished their simultaneous work. Professor Tezok Street, which has been deformed due to its intense use for years, will soon regain its modern appearance.

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