The Main Streets of Bursa Mudanya District Are Renewed From The Beginning

Asphalt Works to Bursa Mudanya Streets
Asphalt Works to Bursa Mudanya Streets

While Bursa Metropolitan Municipality initiated an asphalting move all over the city during the period of full closure before Ramadan, the Mayor of the Metropolitan Municipality Alinur Aktaş met with the workers who spent a lot of time for asphalting on the main streets of Mudanya district and examined the works on site.

Bursa Metropolitan Municipality, which continues its works to improve the existing roads both in the city center and in 17 districts in Bursa, is renewing the main streets of Mudanya district, which is the most important gate of the city opening to the coast and where there is heavy traffic especially in the summer months. The work carried out by the Metropolitan Municipality in cooperation with the Regional Directorate of Highways first started from Halitpaşa Street. While this stage of the study was carried out by the Highways, 1250 tons of asphalt was poured on the 1800-meter route covering Halitpaşa and Mustafa Kemal Paşa Streets from BUDO Pier to Yıldız Tepe, while the asphalt was completely renewed.

The Metropolitan Municipality, which was commissioned after the completion of the asphalting work, carried out scraping, cleaning and asphalt works on Değirmendere Street, Aslanbaba Street, İpar Street and Deniz Street, which are the arrival direction from Yıldız Tepe to BUDO pier. Milling and asphalt coating process was carried out on a route of 32 meters by the Department of Transportation with 42 vehicles and 1850 Metropolitan Municipality personnel. In the region where the teams spend day and night, a total of 2800 tons of asphalt has been poured and the main streets have a modern appearance. With the completion of the works of both institutions on 6 streets in total, Mudanya district will enter the summer months with renewed roads.

Bursa Metropolitan Municipality Mayor Alinur Aktaş examined the works carried out on the main streets of Mudanya district at sahur time. Receiving information about the activities, Mayor Aktaş was accompanied by Mudanya District Governor Faik Oktay Sözer, AK Party District Chairman İnci Söğütlü and council members.

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