The Burden of Bursa Novice Crossroads Will Be Relieved with the New Bridge

The Burden of Bursa Novice Crossroads Will Be Relieved with the New Bridge
The Burden of Bursa Novice Crossroads Will Be Relieved with the New Bridge

📩 27/11/2021 08:27

The K5 Martyrs Bridge, designed by Bursa Metropolitan Municipality to reduce the loads of Acemler Junction, is an important alternative to the Acemler and Odunluk Bridges, while work on the connection of the bridge to Hayran Street continues rapidly.

Continuing uninterrupted works such as road widening and new roads, promoting public transportation, optimizing the rail system signalization in order to eliminate the transportation problem in Bursa, the Metropolitan Municipality brings another project to Bursa, which will bring a breath of fresh air to Acemler, which is one of the nodal points of the city traffic.

In Acemler, where the daily average density is around 180 thousand vehicles, 15-10 percent more than the 12 July Martyrs' Bridge, it is also possible to see the vehicles coming from both directions, which were designed at Mudanya Junction, and which carried out additional martyr applications on the intersection return arms. The Metropolitan Municipality, which opened the bridge and connection roads that will allow them to go to Hayran Street, Bursa Ali Osman Sönmez Hospital and Hüdavendigar Neighborhood before coming to Acemler, brought a new bridge over the Nilüfer Stream.

It will be an important alternative route

The bridge located on the Nilüfer Stream separating Osmangazi and Nilüfer Districts from each other, between İzmir Yolu Caddesi and Dikkaldırım Caddesi, in the western part of the Bursa Metropolitan Stadium, was built as a 2 x 3 lane. In addition to the carriageway, round-trip cycle paths and wide sidewalks were also implemented within the scope of the project to make pedestrian and bicycle traffic between regions safe.

The K5 Martyrdom Bridge, which will provide a new alternative to the existing corridors between Hayran Street and Martyrdom and Academy Streets, will also directly connect the important attraction points of Osmangazi and Nilüfer Districts as an important alternative to Acemler Bridge and Odunluk Bridge. In this way, the traffic load on the Acemler Crossroad and Orhaneli Junction will be reduced, and the Public Transport transfer center, which is under construction next to Bursaspor Acemler Station, will be able to provide direct access to the whole city thanks to this bridge. In addition, with the establishment of the Line Street connection, Zübeyde Hanım Street will also be connected to this road network and a significant relief will be provided in urban traffic. Work on the road that will connect the completed bridge to Hayran Caddesi is also continuing rapidly.

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