China to Build New High Speed ​​Line to Cross the Ocean and Reach the USA

The genie will cross the ocean and make a new high-speed train that will reach the USA.
The genie will cross the ocean and make a new high-speed train that will reach the USA.

China, which has the fastest trains in the world, announced that it plans to build the new railway line on China-Russia-Canada-USA. The new railway line, which is expected to cost 200 billion dollars, will be 18 thousand kilometers long.

As you know, China has the most developed and fastest trains in the world. The country, which is highly developed in terms of technology, wants to move its railway networks much further for both trade and tourism.

According to a new report, China's new goal is to build a high-speed train with a range of 13 kilometers from Beijing to Siberia, from there to Alaska and Canada, and finally to the USA. It is not yet known when the project will start, with a total cost of $ 200 billion.

The new train route is not really news for China. It was previously written in the Beijing Times in 2014 that China will build a railway with China-Russia-Canada-America lines, but recent reports show that the situation is getting serious. The project includes laying completely new train tracks for the new line and creating 16,2 kilometers of the route entirely from underwater tracks. According to experts' opinions, China had already laid the foundations of the train line that will reach America with the first underwater train it built in 2018.

China will present this new line, which will be 13 thousand kilometers long, to the whole world for commercial, tourism and economic development. The cost of the railway line is $ 200 billion, which prevents China from implementing this project. Experts say that planes, ships and existing train lines are much more cost-effective for now, while they are hesitant to start the China-America railway line before the technology is further developed.

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