Who is Behice Boran?

who is behice boran
who is behice boran

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Behice Sadık Boran (Date of Birth 1 May 1910, Bursa - Date of death October 10, 1987, Brussels) is the last leader of the Turkish Workers Party, politician, academic and sociologist.

His family was Kazan Tatar who migrated to Bursa in the 1890s. She was born in Bursa in 1910 as the daughter of Sadık Bey and Mahire Hanım, who are engaged in grain trade. He was the youngest of three siblings. Boran started primary school in Bursa. When the Greeks entered Bursa during the War of Independence, he and his family immigrated to Istanbul. She completed her secondary education in Arnavutköy American Girls' College. His father was a literate and enlightened man. He gave great importance to his children's foreign language education. For this reason, he was enrolled in the French school. When this school was closed, she started to study at the American Girls' College in Arnavutköy. She became the first Turkish female student to graduate from the American College for Girls, now Robert College, in middle school in 1927 and high school in 1931. He was appointed as an English teacher at Manisa Secondary School. American University of Michigan (USA) offered to give him a scholarship. The person who recommended him to this university was the history teacher at the American College for Girls.
After completing his doctorate in sociology at Michigan University, he returned to Turkey in 1939 and was appointed as an associate professor in the sociology department of the Faculty of Language and History-Geography (DTCF). In the same period, he participated in the publishing activities of Yurt and Dünya and Adımlar magazines. Boran, who married Nevzat Hatko in 1946, was suspended from the university in 1948 due to his political views. In 1950, the Peace Lovers Association, which he founded and headed, issued a statement condemning the Menderes government's sending troops to Korea, and was sentenced to 15 months in prison. 
Boran, who became a member of the Turkish Workers' Party in 1962, was elected as a deputy from Urfa in the 1965 elections. He represented Turkey in the European Parliament for several terms. He took a stand against TİP chairman Mehmet Ali Aybar and was elected chairman in the party convention in 1970. He was arrested with the 12 March 1971 memorandum and his party was closed. Boran was sentenced to 15 years in prison. He was released after taking advantage of the general amnesty announced in 1974. He was elected the chairman of TİP, which was re-established in 1975. Boran, who was kept under house arrest for a short time after the coup of September 12, 1980, later went abroad. "Socialist is not born, socialist is lived." He found a place in memories with his word. 


He was dismissed from citizenship in 1981. While abroad, he announced that TKP and TİP had decided to merge and died two days later. Boran, whose body was brought to Turkey, was buried in Istanbul Zincirlikuyu Cemetery on October 18, following the ceremonies held in Istanbul.


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