Awareness Signs for Motorcycle Riders in the Capital

Awareness signs for motorcycle riders in the capital
Awareness signs for motorcycle riders in the capital

Ankara Metropolitan Municipality started to place warning signs written “Notice the Motorcycles, Look in the Mirror, See Us” all around the capital city in order to raise awareness of motorcyclists in traffic and prevent accidents. The plates prepared by the Department of Science, Signalization Infrastructure Branch; It was placed at the arrival and departure points in the middle refuges on Kazım Karabekir Street and Başkent Boulevard, especially in Istanbul, Samsun and Konya Road.

Ankara Metropolitan Municipality has launched an awareness-raising practice in order to prevent motorcycle accidents that have increased in traffic recently.

In order to take precautions against motorcycle accidents and create public awareness, warning signs with the words "Notice the Motorcycles, Look in the Mirror, See Us" have started to be placed all over the capital.


The Metropolitan Municipality has determined that motorcycle couriers working in the food and beverage, clothing and technology sectors, apart from motorcyclists, work more and more accidents during the pandemic process.

The warning signs, designed by the teams of the Directorate of Science, Department of Signalization Infrastructure, were initially placed at both arrival and departure points in the middle medians, especially in Istanbul, Samsun and Konya Road, Kazım Karabekir Street and Başkent Boulevard.


This application initiated by the Metropolitan Municipality, which will continue to install warning signs in many parts of the city after Eid al-Fitr, received full marks from motorcyclists as well as drivers:

-Ahmet Palabıyık - (Vehicle driver): “I find this study positive. This work should begin and spread all over. We cannot show the necessary sensitivity to motorcycle friends, I accept this. Let's show these guys understanding in traffic because they drive on two wheels. ”

-Domination Small - (Pickup truck driver): “I invite fellow drivers to be sensitive. I also drive big vehicles, my responsibility is more, and therefore I take extra care for motorcycles. Signs can be effective in preventing accidents. If we are more careful, if we heed the warnings, we will protect motorcycle riders. "

-Ahmet Sızlayan - (Taxi driver): “I am a taxi driver and I spend a lot of time in traffic. Motor friends are working intensely during this pandemic period. These signs were very in place. I want them to be valued and respected, too. I think the signs will minimize traffic accidents. "

-Mustafa Göktuz - (Motorcycle courier): “The more the signs, the more they notice us. The vehicles do not see us and our friends are dying. We are having difficulties because the vehicles do not see us. I think these signs will attract attention. Mansur Yavaş, thank you to the president. "

-Erdem Uzun- (Motorcycle courier): “First of all, thank you for thinking of such a thing. We are doing a risky job due to our profession. I want vehicle drivers to spot the couriers and be more careful. "

-Fatih Dursun- (Motorcycle driver): “I have been using a motor for 20 years. I have never seen such a nice application. May Allah be pleased with the one who does. The number of bikers and traffic accidents for this reason also increased. Please let them look in the mirrors and watch out for those who use motorcycles. Signs have a big share in preventing fatal accidents. "

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