Chairman Kupeli: 'Hasanbey Logistics Center is Eskişehir's Gate to the World'

President Kupeli met with tcdd officials about hasanbey logistics center
President Kupeli met with tcdd officials about hasanbey logistics center

📩 31/05/2021 10:35

Eskişehir OSB President Nadir Küpeli met with TCDD officials for the more effective use of Eskişehir Hasanbey Logistics Center, one of Turkey's important logistics centers, by industrialists and its contribution to Eskişehir's foreign trade.

Chairman of the Board of Directors of Eskişehir OSB Nadir Kupeli, Head of Real Estate Department of TCDD General Directorate Abdullah Özcanlı, TCDD Technical General Manager Mustafa Murat Gürel, TCDD 2nd Regional Manager Mehmet Rahmi Gül, Hasanbey Logistics Center Manager Mesut Uysal, Eskişehir Chamber of Industry Gürhan Albayak, Member of the Board of Directors, and Erhan Tatar, Regional Manager of Eskişehir OIZ. At the meeting, the advantages that Hasanbey Logistics Center will provide to industrialists, its contribution to reducing logistics costs and increasing Eskişehir's export potential were discussed.

Eskişehir OSB Chairman of the Board Nadir Küpeli stated that Hasanbey Logistics Center is an important center for Eskişehir's industry and trade logistics, and said, “Logistics centers are a turning point for industrialists with the advantages they provide in both transportation costs and supply. In this respect, Hasanbey Logistics Center, one of Turkey's largest logistics centers, is Eskişehir's gateway to the world. We held a productive meeting with TCDD officials in order to benefit more effectively from our logistics center, whose capacity we have not been able to use enough until today, and to make production in our region and city more prefer this center. We discussed the advantages of Hasanbey Logistics Center for industrialists, reducing logistics costs, reducing the traffic density in the region and contributing to the increase of Eskişehir's export and trade potential. It was a productive and useful meeting,” he said.

We are planning a railway line within the OSB

President Kupeli stated that they started the preliminary studies on the establishment of a railway line in Eskişehir OIZ and said, “Our OIZ has grown a lot as an area and still continues to grow. Our industrial establishments are constantly producing goods for both our country and countries all over the world for export purposes, and the transportation and logistics of these products only by road increases the costs. For this purpose, railways have a great advantage in reducing our logistics costs. In order for our industrial establishments to benefit more from this opportunity, we have started to make preliminary studies for the establishment of a railway line in the OIZ, which will help the use of large-scale companies in our Region. According to the feasibility results, we are planning to take new steps in this regard. Hopefully, when we get positive results, we intend to take a step in this regard.”

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