Minister Varank Had the Second Dose of the Domestic Vaccine, which He Participated in Clinical Trials

Minister Varank had the second dose of the local rebel, which he participated in the clinical trials.
Minister Varank had the second dose of the local rebel, which he participated in the clinical trials.

Industry and Technology Minister Mustafa Varank had the second dose of the virus-like particles (VLP) in the Phase-19 phase of human clinical trials developed with domestic facilities against the new type of coronavirus (Kovid-1).

Varank became the second dose vaccine in the Phase-19 phase of the human trials of the VLP-based vaccine, which is currently under the umbrella of TÜBİTAK COVID-1 Turkey Platform at the Ankara Oncology Hospital with TÜBİTAK President Hasan Mandal.

In a statement he made after the vaccination, Varank reminded that the VLP vaccine developed under the roof of the platform was passed to Phase-1, that is, human trials.

Stating that he was among 38 volunteers of the vaccine trials with President Mandal, Varank said, “We had our first vaccine and now we had the second dose. It is important to be a volunteer in these jobs. We volunteered to encourage our citizens and show our scientists how much we trust. Our call has been fulfilled. Hundreds of our citizens who want to volunteer in the vaccination study applied to both our hospital and TUBITAK. " said.

Giving the information that the Phase-2 study will be conducted with 360 volunteers, Varank stated that the number of volunteers is now full.

Varank emphasized that especially Phase-1 studies were carried out to demonstrate the safety of the vaccine and tests on immunity, and stated that the next processes will be more related to the effectiveness of the vaccine.


Hoping that the vaccine will be tested in the laboratory and be successful as proven, Varank said, “If our vaccine is successful, it will be ready for mass production after Phase-3 stage. Here, too, we are currently meeting with companies that will produce this in the private sector. The vaccines that hit us are also the vaccines produced in our Nobel company according to the standards we call GMP standards. I hope Phase-3 will be successfully completed, the effectiveness of these vaccines will be proven, and we will have our local vaccine before the end of the year. " he spoke.

Varank reminded President Recep Tayyip Erdogan's words to this effect on the question regarding the patents of vaccines that have come to the fore recently and said, “Science is done for the benefit of humanity. We do all our work for the benefit of humanity. Of course, if we can get our vaccine before the end of the year, we are ready to share this vaccine with all humanity. " used the expression.


Pointing out that Kovid-19 does not distinguish between countries and threatens humanity, Varank said:

“We have to fight together with it. We are really expressing this opinion openly. If our vaccine is developed, produced before the end of the year, we are ready to share our vaccine with all humanity. There is a patent controversy here. In a period of such an epidemic, we do not find it very elegant to hold patent discussions, even we think it is incompatible with humanity. "

Varank pointed out that the patent and intellectual property rights of vaccines and medicines developed in the TÜBİTAK COVID-19 Turkey Platform belong to the state, “Our professors say, 'We are doing this for humanity and our country.' they said. " he spoke.

Reiterating that they are ready to use the developed vaccines for the benefit of humanity, Varank emphasized that they are ready to share not only patents but also their knowledge in vaccine production processes.


Referring to the drug studies for the treatment of Kovid-19, Varank stated that all processes related to ribavirin and montelukast molecules were completed and they applied to the Turkish Medicine and Medical Device Agency.

Minister Varank explained that these drug candidates will start phase studies and their effectiveness will be tested by using them in the treatment of those who have had Kovid-19.

Expressing that they think these molecules are effective in the treatment of the disease, Varank said, “I hope we would like to show this in humans in Phase-2 studies. Thus, we will show the effect of these molecules to the whole world with a successful scientific study from our country. " found the assessment.

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