Audi Launches A New Application That Will Save 40 Tons Of Oil Per Year

The method that will save tons of oil per year from aud
The method that will save tons of oil per year from aud

Audi, which has taken steps to reduce the ecological footprint in production centers around the world with its environmental program called Mission: Zero, has started a new application.

In the lubrication process carried out in order to protect the metal sheets used in production against corrosion in the press shop, it started to use a second generation oil called Prelube II.

Working to make its production processes more sustainable, Audi has now implemented Prelube II in its steel lubrication process. The application will help to significantly reduce the amount of lubricant required for corrosion protection and processing of steel plates in the press shop.

The idea came from employees, 40 tons of oil will be saved annually

The idea, which emerged from Audi employees in the pressing section of the production center in Ingolstadt, was also accepted by the Volkswagen Group.

The oil called Prelube I, used in traditional lubrication, is applied one gram per square meter of steel sheet. However, with Prelube II, only 0,7 grams per square meter is enough. For example, for the roof reinforcement frame of the Audi A4, 3,9 grams of oil is used with conventional lubrication, while with Prelube II this amount is reduced to 2,7 grams.

Calculations using data for all steel components processed at Audi's production centers in Europe and Mexico reveal that the method has the potential to save 2018 tons compared to the amount of oil spent in 40.

First manufacturer Audi, first product Q6 e-tron

Audi, the first manufacturer of the Prelube II oil class to set steel coil lubrication as the new standard, first began to use it in the production of the Audi Q6 e-tron. Planning to apply the method to other model series still in production in the upcoming period, Audi will test the new product for each component and switch its production processes to Prelube II.

Even lubrication and lower consumption

The Prelube protective film applied by the steelmakers prevents corrosion, while at the same time allowing the process of forming flat sheets into individual pieces in the press shop in the best possible way.

In contrast, the first generation Prelube oils also significantly contaminate the storage areas of press shops as they leak through the steel sheet coils. In addition, it can cause problems in the processing of steel panels, as lubrication is done thinly and sometimes unevenly on all surfaces.

Developed to solve such problems, Prelube II offers another important advantage compared to Prelube I: The protective lubrication must be thoroughly washed off before the body is painted. Having a thinner oil layer on the steel coils also allows it to be washed much more easily. Thus, in the future, the amount of cleaner, active substance and water used in degreasing processes will be much more environmentally friendly.

Step by step towards sustainable production - Mission: Zero

With its environmental program Mission: Zero, Audi brings together all the measures in the fields of production and logistics in order to reduce the ecological footprint in all production centers around the world. With its focus on decarbonization, water use, resource efficiency and biodiversity, one of Mission: Zero's key goals is to ensure that all Audi centers are carbon neutral by 2025.

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