My Lion, My Princess, My Love Addresses Harm the Child

My lion, my love, my love address is hurting the child
My lion, my love, my love address is hurting the child

📩 04/05/2021 14:57

Even the parents' attitude, approach, way of talking to and looking at children are of great importance for children. Drawing attention to the importance of children receiving correct messages from their parents, especially at the age of 3-6, which is the sexual identity phase, experts state that it is best to address them with their names.

Üsküdar University NPİSTANBUL Brain Hospital Specialist Clinical Psychologist Ayşe Şahin gave information about how to address children and gave important advice to families.

How the child is approached is very important

Specialist Clinical Psychologist Ayşe Şahin emphasized that the parents' attitude, their approach to the child, the way they talk to them and even their gaze are very important for children when addressing them, “Children develop some thoughts about themselves as a result of all these situations. The fact that external messages are confused and inconsistent for the child may cause some negative psychological consequences regarding the child's self-perception, personality development and self-limits. " said.

These addresses damage the concept of role!

Stating that children have difficulties in understanding speeches such as my mother and father in terms of their developmental period characteristics, Ayşe Şahin said, “Although she is not a mother, her own mother's discourse as 'my mother' to her causes confusion about who the child is. We can say that forms of address such as 'Mommy, Auntie' are not psychologically appropriate because they damage the child's role concept and identity integrity. " he spoke.

Addresses like my love, my love are very objectionable!

Ayşe Şahin stated that the most correct form of address used to address children is to use their names or to say 'my daughter, my son, my child, my child, my child' said, “These addresses are quite appropriate and sufficient for children. In some cases, it is okay to call the child 'my dear daughter, my dear son'. However, it is quite inconvenient for parents to address their children as 'my love, my love'. These discourses harm the child's mental health and development of sexual identity. Children should receive correct messages from their parents, especially when they are between the ages of 3-6, who have a gender identity phase. ” He used his expressions.

Glorifying appeals spoil their relationship

Clinical Psychologist Ayşe Şahin said that speeches that glorify children such as 'My lion, my princess' are extremely harmful and concluded her words as follows:

“Addresses in this way prevent the child from making a healthy self-assessment, ruin their relationships and cause them to reject the concept of boundary in relationships. These children may experience similar problems not only in childhood but also in adulthood. The relationship between parent and child should be within the boundaries of the 'parent-child' relationship and should not go beyond this. When healthy addresses are used, the child feels safe in this relationship and completes the stages of development in a healthy way. The child gains a healthy identity without confusion. "

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