ASELSAN Started Development of KAMA Active Protection System

Aselsan kama started the development of active protection system.
Aselsan kama started the development of active protection system.

The development of the KAMA Active Protection System with low environmental damage and effective at close range has begun. ASELSAN SST and REHİS Sector Presidencies continue to work on developing active protection systems for various platforms, using the experience gained in sensor, weapon and ammunition. In this context, work has been initiated to develop the KAMA Active Protection System, which has relatively low environmental damage and is effective at close range, together with its ammunition, with ASELSAN's own resources.

Active Protection Systems are self-defense systems that need to be developed by taking into account the threat characteristics, platform constraints, unwanted losses and consequent effects that detect threat ammunition (anti-tank rockets, etc.) approaching the protected vehicle / area and enable the threat to be triggered or destroyed at a certain distance.

ASELSAN Solution Active Protection Systems

There are two different active protection system projects being carried out by ASELSAN. One of these projects is the AKKOR active protection system and the other is the PULAT active protection system.

PULAT active protection system As the need for active protection system against ATGM threats started to make itself felt more with the Euphrates Shield Operation, ASELSAN and Tübitak Sage developed the "Pulat" Active Protection System in order to produce a quick solution while the operation was continuing. Within the scope of the Fırat M60T project, the Pulat active protection system was integrated into the tanks, and the demand from the force was quickly met in this way.

AKKOR active protection system is being developed for use in Altay, which will be our main battle tank. ASELSAN has been working on this system, which is used by very few military in the world, by using its own resources since 2008. The tests of radar, central computer and physical destruction ammunition related to the system have also been carried out successfully since 2010. SSB published a Call for Proposals on the project on August 2, 2013. In other words, ASELSAN realized the need long before and started to work without demand.

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