Araklı New Industrial Bridge Has Arrived At The End Of The Stage

Arakli industrial bridge has come to an end
Arakli industrial bridge has come to an end

The industrial bridge, which was started to be built in the Araklı district of Trabzon, has come to an end. Small Industrial Site to the district kazanWith the collapse of the old bridge, it started to be unable to respond to the demand. It was decided to build a new bridge because the narrow and single-car nature of the bridge gave the citizens a hard time. As a result of the initiatives of the Mayor of Arakli, Recep Cebi, the old bridge was demolished and the work of the new bridge began.

District Governor Kürşad Karaca and Mayor Recep Çebi examined the construction works of the new bridge on site. Mayor Çebi, who received information from the technical team here, stated that the beams of the bridge will be completed soon and said, “DSİ 22nd Regional Manager Mr. Dr. Together with Emre Akçalı, we examined the on-site work of our industrial bridge, which is under construction. Beams were put in place. I hope it will be completed in a short time. First of all, our President, Mr. Mr. Recep Tayyip Erdoğan and our Minister of Agriculture and Forestry Mr. Dr. Bekir Pakdemirli, our ministers, Trabzon MPs Mr. Muhammet Balta, Mr. Adnan Günnar, Mr. Bahar Ayvazoğlu, Mr. Salih Cora, our Provincial Mayor, District Governor, DSI 22nd Regional Director Mr. Dr. I would like to thank Emre Akçalı and those who contributed. Good luck to our district. "

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