'Yes to Strike' Decision Issued in Voting During AntRay Strike Process

yes it was on strike in voting antray is going on strike
yes it was on strike in voting antray is going on strike

📩 19/05/2021 12:43

The ongoing collective bargaining negotiations between Demiryol İş and Transportation Inc. were blocked as a result of the parties' disagreement, and the Demiryol İş Union decided to strike. In response to this decision taken by the union, Transportation Inc. applied to İŞ-KUR and demanded a 'strike vote'. The voting was held on May 17, 18, the day after May 2021, which is the end date of the curfew restriction imposed on the cause of the pandemic. During the strike process in AntRay, a 'Yes to Strike' decision was made in the voting.

Adem Gül, Konya Branch President of the Demiryol-İş Union, which is organized in AntRay, also responsible for Antalya, stated that they could not agree on 21 articles during the collective agreement process with Antalya Transportation Inc. and that pressure was applied to its members and announced that they started the strike process in AntRay, which included 247 workers in total. Gul shared the result of the strike vote with the public. Reminding that collective bargaining processes started in 2020, Adem Gül said, “We held the necessary sessions in this process. Disagreement was reached on 21 items during the sessions. The official mediator was identified, we could not get any results. We held 5 meetings, and as a result, we did not get any results and we stalled. We approached the end in the process. In the voting held on 18 05 2021 upon the request of the employer in Antalya Transportation Inc., with the participation of 240 of 211 employees, 129 'yes', 80 'no' and 2 invalid votes turned 'yes to strike'. Worker's choice was in this direction. The strike process will begin as of the end of the legal objection period. We apologize for the inconveniences to be experienced by the people of Antalya ”.

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