Want To Tow Something Heavy But Not Sure If Your Car Is Up To Par? Find Out Now


Whether you are looking to move from one place to another, transfer one of your large belongings, or drive your broken car to a mechanic, a tow truck should always be your go-to choice. When it comes to towing something heavy, you need to find a car that can withstand a lot of pressure and survive the duration of the trip without getting damaged. If you own a car and are considering using it to tow a large and heavy item, you will need to do some calculations and account for a few factors first. Here is how you can find out if your car is up for the mission of towing a heavy object from one place to another.

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Comparing Weights

When it comes to towing any heavy item with your car, the first thing you will need to do is compare the weight of the item to the weight of your car to see if towing it would be a good idea. If the item you want to tow is as heavy as your car or slightly lighter, then you can probably get it done without any difficulty. However, if the item you need to tow turns out to be heavier than your car, then you may fail to tow it or end up damaging your car in the process.

Hitching and Hooking Gear

Towing anything with your car requires special equipment that may not be compatible with all cars. The pros behind https://letstowthat.com/ford-explorer-towing-capacities-2000-2020/ say that in order to transfer anything heavy using the force of your car, you will need to have hitching and hooking gear attached to your vehicle. If the needed towing gear does not come with your car and is not fixed in the allocated spaces, then you will need to buy them yourself. Try to find a reputable place to buy the gear and ensure they can work on your vehicle. Before you pick out any gear, check the label to know exactly how much weight the gear can pull safely. If you cannot find any equipment that matches your vehicle, chances are your car is not going to withstand towing anything heavy.

Tires Condition

Before you use your car to tow anything heavy, you need to check the condition of your tires to see if they can handle this task. The tires need to be thick and inflated to their maximum capacity so that they can pull the item you need to tow without putting too much strain on your vehicle. It is also important to make sure that the tires are not too old and worn out so that they do not end up tearing while you tow an item.

Motor Capacity

Car motors differ from one to the other. Some motors have higher capacities than others to give the vehicle more force and power on the road. The higher the capacity of the car motor, the higher its capability to tow heavy items. Before deciding if your car is ready to tow an object, check the capacity of the motor. If the motor capacity is sufficient, you should be able to go about your business without putting too much strain on your vehicle; your car will be able to withstand the process for as long and as far as you need it to. However, if the motor capacity is too small, then you may be able to only do short-distance towing to avoid harming your car.

Towing Licence

In many states, you will need to have a towing license in order to tow heavy items using your car. If your car’s license does not already have that permit attached to it, you need to ask the proper authorities and check all the relevant traffic rules before you try to acquire it. This will help you make sure the vehicle is eligible to tow any heavy items on the road. You may be eligible to register for a towing license if you do not have one already but it is always better to check in advance.

Using your car to tow heavy items can be the best and easiest way to move your belongings from one place to the other without having to pay a fortune. However, before you take that step, you need to do some research to check your vehicle’s towing capabilities. Make sure you check your car’s weight, motor capacity, and tire condition before you do any towing. Furthermore, look at the traffic rules in your city or town so that you do not end up causing yourself any harm.

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