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Sayginlar Nakliyat Firm, Qatar, located in the Middle East, has an important position together with neighboring countries. Freight transactions between Turkey and Qatar are carried out frequently. Qatar shipping operations are performed for different reasons. Products that need to be transported are transported by private companies. Saygınlar Nakliyat is a company that has developed its knowledge and experience during its time in the sector and has an important position. The firm is responsible for the transportation between Turkey and Qatar. The company, acting in a planned manner with its professional team, has successfully completed many studies. Offering needs-oriented transportation works, the company maintains its presence in the sector with its reliable and guaranteed shipping operations. Transporting from Turkey> Iran / Bushehr port> Qatar / Alruwais delivery.

Qatar Shipping Transactions and Details

Special permits and documents are required for transportation to Qatar. While the transportation transactions between the two countries are usually completed in a long time, Saygınlar Shipping completes all transactions on time. The company always acts in a planned manner in line with its knowledge and experience. The permits and documents required for the transportation process are obtained, all work is terminated on time after the necessary procedures are completed. The company acts carefully so that customers do not waste time. Dry freight transport is frequently used in transport operations. Delivered to Hamad port, Ruwais port. However, liquid, food and precious metal transportation is also carried out. Qatar transport Different methods are used in operations. The methods used:

  • Complete Complete Truck transport
  • Partial transport
  • Frigo transport, reefer truck

Depending on the condition of the load to be transported, whole, partial or frigo transportation is made.

What is Qatar Partial Transportation?

Partial transportation is frequently preferred for transportation to Qatar. Qatar partial In the process, there is a load belonging to more than one person or company in a single vehicle. In other words, loads belonging to more than one person are transported in the same vehicle. For the partial transportation, the route of the customers must be the same. In the transportation process in Doha shipping area, the loads in the vehicle must move on the same route. In Duhan transport operations, the route must be the same for freight. Otherwise, instead of the partial transportation, the whole transportation process will be carried out. In the whole transportation process, loads belonging to a person or a company are placed in the transportation vehicle. The vehicle is not split for more than one person or company. Both transportation processes have their own advantages. Sayginlar Nakliyat provides partial transportation service with its professional team.

Qatari Truck Transportation Prices, What are the freight rates?

Qatar truck prices varies. Changes in prices are determined according to the transportation details. Prices are determined in line with the width of the truck preferred in the transportation process, the characteristics of the truck and the distance. Partial transportation is more affordable, while prices increase in frigo transportation. Qatar frigo Specially equipped trucks are used for transportation. There are coolers in the truck.

The temperature inside the truck is set between 18 degrees and -26 degrees. Products whose structure, quality, taste, odor and service life will change according to the temperature of the environment are transported by special frigo trucks. Prices are increasing as trucks developed in frigo transportation are preferred. Saygınlar Nakliyat, on the other hand, serves as the reliable name of the sector in the correct price range. The required temperature is adjusted for the products carefully placed in the truck. In this way, any damage to the products is prevented until the transportation process is completed. The products are protected in the heat environment they should be. The necessary security measures are taken completely in order to prevent any damage to the products in refrigerated transportation and other transportation operations. Saygınlar Nakliyat provides professional services in this direction. Generally, when it comes to railway transport companies, Katara logistics companies, train truck transport, and train transport companies, the first thing that comes to mind is Saygınlar International Transport. Transit time to Katara is 8-10 days.

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