Pati Park Areas Created With the Understanding that Every Life is Valuable in Başkent

With the understanding that every life is precious in the capital, paw has created parking spaces
With the understanding that every life is precious in the capital, paw has created parking spaces

Ankara Metropolitan Municipality has added a new one to its animal friendly projects. Metropolitan Municipality, serving with the understanding of "Every life is precious in Başkent" by the Mayor of Metropolitan Municipality Mansur Yavaş, has created "Pati Park" areas in the parks demanded. Citizens who walked their pets freely in these areas during the complete closure process gave Pati Parks full marks.

Metropolitan Municipality continues its animal-friendly projects without slowing down with the understanding that "every life is precious in Başkent".

Başkent people, who took their pets around during the pandemic, encountered the surprise of the Metropolitan Municipality. Metropolitan Municipality has established “Pati Parks” in Öveçler Vadi and Batıkent Yıldırım Beyazıt Park in Başkent so that pets can roam freely and spend time.


Upon the request of the Metropolitan Municipality, the Department of Environmental Protection and Control prepared the first Pati Parks, upon the request of the citizens who had difficulty walking their pets in the parks.

In the first stage, Hasan Muhammet Güldaş, Head of Environmental Protection and Control Department, stated that they created "Pati Park" areas in Öveçler Vadi and Batıkent Yıldırım Beyazıt Park during the complete closure process, where citizens can freely walk their pets. We prepared these areas by taking advantage of the full closure period. We have prepared our Pati Park areas in Öveçler Valley and Yıldırım Beyazıt Park, ”he said.

Stating that they will establish Pati Park areas as a priority, Güldaş gave the following information:

“We are planning to increase the number in the coming days in the light of the reactions received and in line with future demands. We have been receiving very positive feedback so far. We see that the animals are also happy. During the pandemic process, not only humans but also animals remained in closed areas and stressed out. We have citizens who are afraid of animals and do not know them. Thus, we aimed to prevent this fear incident. "


The citizens, who started to take their pets around Pati Park areas, expressed their satisfaction with the following words:

Berkay Torun: “It is a very good application. We needed an area where we could move our dogs, free them. In line with our request, the Metropolitan Municipality allocated this area to our animals. "

Hasan Uzulmez: “Before, we could release it on the pitches, but we were having arguments with other people. Our dogs can now roam freely in Pati Parks. "

Sezai Erkut: “We, as animal lovers, liked this application very much and we were very happy. Thank you very much to our President Mansur.

Sertac Ozeyranoglu: “We cannot find any land where we can walk our animals. Thank you very much for this application to the Metropolitan Municipality. "

Fatma Erdem: “I could not walk dogs very comfortably in Batıkent due to stray dogs. I was very happy when I saw this area. It has been an invaluable boon for us. "

Elçin Ezgi Cakmak: “We are very happy that Pati Park was built. Batıkent needed such an application. "

Alican Kaval: “I have three dogs. We didn't know where to take our dogs. There are a lot of dog owners and stray dogs in Batıkent. We could not take off the leash of our dogs comfortably in the parks. Such an area has been very good for both us and our dogs ”.

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