Two-Day Leave for Sale in Market Places with Market Place Circular

market place circular from the ministry of interior
market place circular from the ministry of interior

The Market Place Circular was sent to 81 Provincial Governorships by the Ministry of Interior.

In the Circular, the exemption for the curfew restriction in the period of complete closure, the places where basic food, medicine and cleaning products are sold (grocery stores, markets, butchers, greengrocers, dried fruits shops, bakeries and eating and drinking places) and production, manufacturing, supply and logistics chains. It was reminded that all commercial enterprises, workplaces and / or offices outside the scope of workplaces will be closed.

In the circular, it was stated that there are determinations that agricultural products (fresh fruit and vegetables) produced by farmers may be lost due to the increase in product supply due to seasonal effects, the difficulty of storing the products and short shelf life.

In this direction, the decisions taken as a result of the meetings with the relevant Ministries, public institutions and organizations, trade associations and sector representatives are listed as follows:

During the closing period, the marketplaces that sell fresh vegetables / fruits and seedlings will be open between 8-15 on Saturdays, which coincide with the dates of 2021 and 10.00 May 17.00. Our citizens will be allowed to go to the closest market place to their residence in order to meet their fresh vegetable / fruit and seedling needs.

In the markets to be set up between 10.00-17.00 on Saturdays, only fresh vegetables / fruits and seedlings can be sold (especially the products of our villagers), cleaning products, clothing, glassware, toys, ornaments, bags, etc. sales of products will not be allowed.

Considering the density that may occur in the market places, necessary measures will be taken by the local administrations under the coordination of the Governorships / District Governorships. For this purpose, existing marketplaces will be expanded or additional market areas will be created.

Except for the points determined to provide controlled entry / exit to the market places, all other areas will be closed with iron barriers and similar equipment and uncontrolled entry / exit will be prevented.

As stated in the Ministry of Health's Outbreak Management and Work Guide, a distance of at least 3 meters will be left between the exhibits and the stalls in the market places.

In order to carry out the necessary controls in each market place, a sufficient number of personnel, especially the police, will be assigned, necessary measures will be taken by the assigned personnel to prevent the formation of density in the market places, and new customer entry will not be temporarily allowed until the internal density is reduced.

Fresh vegetables and fruits sold unpackaged in the market places will be packed and sold directly by the tradesmen, paying attention to hygiene conditions, without contacting the consumers.

Necessary measures will be taken for garbage collection, hygiene and disinfection in market places by the relevant local administration units.

Marketers who will sell in the market places will be exempt from the curfew on Saturdays, provided that they submit the professional activity certificate and commercial vehicle assignment document issued by the relevant trade association and remain limited to the route.

In line with these principles, the decisions of the Provincial / District General Hygiene Boards will be taken urgently in accordance with Articles 27 and 72 of the General Hygiene Law.

All kinds of measures for market places; It will be planned with the participation of Governors / District Governors, mayors and representatives of professional chambers and will be followed in the field.

The necessary control activities regarding this issue will be carried out completely by the inspection teams, especially the police officers and law enforcement officers.

There will be no disruption in the application and no grievances will be caused.

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