Twitter Blue Tick Application Has Started Again!

Twitter blue tick submissions restarted
Twitter blue tick submissions restarted

Twitter confirmed the development that surfaced last week for the blue tick. The popular social media platform has reactivated the blue tick applications that it suspended about 4 years ago. This feature created by Jane Machung Vong is now open to everyone's application ...

Having a blue tick on your profile on Twitter indicates that you are known and known by your work or activities.

Personal and corporate accounts that can receive blue ticks from Twitter will be classified as follows: Journalists, brands, government officials, activists, athletes and well-known people from the entertainment industry. There are also influencers for the last category. It turned out that different categories will be activated for a while for the Twitter blue tick application. Accordingly, blue tick will come soon for academics and religious leaders. It is also expected that the social media platform will further increase these categories.

How to apply for Twitter blue tick?

If you belong to one of the six categories determined by the social media platform, you can apply for verification. For verification, you must have verified via your Twitter account email and phone number.

According to Twitter's statement, the blue tick application will be active from next week. The new Twitter verification application will be available in the Account Settings tab. After the application, you will need to share your credentials and a few detailed information with Twitter.

The application will be reviewed for several days. If rejected, you will be able to reapply within 30 days.

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