Turkish Logistics Sector Working to Get Out of the Pandemic

Turkish logistics sector is working to get stronger from the pandemic
Turkish logistics sector is working to get stronger from the pandemic

I have also stated in our articles that we underlined that foreign trade and logistics are an inseparable whole, therefore, while evaluating the logistics sector, it is necessary to make determinations in parallel with the current situation of our foreign trade. However, while evaluating the year 2020, the COVID-19 pandemic fell like a lightning bolt that turned all the balances upside down in our professional lives as well as in our social life. The addition of Brexit to this global epidemic has caused serious difficulties in the logistics sector, especially since the first quarter of 2020, due to Turkey's foreign trade with the European Union countries, which are the most important and effective market in Turkey's foreign trade. The border gates that were closed one after another, the bans and restrictions that emerged as a result of the different attitudes taken by all countries in the EU against the epidemic put the logistics industry a tough test. However, as I have stated at every opportunity at the point we have reached, I think that the 'Turkish Logistics Sector' successfully passed this exam. And I am proud of both the logistics sector representatives and our industry workers who continue to be on the field at the expense of their lives. Because stopping the logistics industry means breaking the global supply chain. This is because it is not possible to distribute the corona vaccine, which we expect 'hopefully' today, from food as a chain, to the world. This means that the epidemic cannot be overcome.

If we go back to our relations with the EU; With the entry into force of the Customs Union on December 31, 1995, the trade volume between Turkey and the EU accelerated and reached 2020 billion dollars in 143 according to the data of the Ministry of Trade of the Republic of Turkey and the EU continued to be the most important trade partner of our country. Our country ranked 3,4th with a 6 percent share in the EU's total exports. The EU takes a share of 2020 percent in our exports with 69 billion dollars in 41,3 and ranks first in our total exports.

Again, according to the data of our Ministry of Trade; Our country ranks 3,7th in the EU's total imports with a share of 6%, excluding the trade between the EU countries). In addition, the EU ranks first in imports as well as in our country's exports. According to the figures for the year 2020; Turkey realized 219 billion dollars (73 percent share) of its total imports of 33,4 billion dollars from the EU. In 2020, the ratio of exports to imports in our country's trade with the EU was at the level of 95,4 percent.

The foreign trade data also coincides with the data on transportation activities in the UTIKAD Logistics Sector Report 2020, prepared by Alperen Güler, UTIKAD Sectoral Relations Manager. When the distribution of Turkey's exports by country groups is analyzed, it is seen that EU-2019 countries are in the first place both at the end of 2020 and at the end of the third quarter of 27. Before the UK left the EU, for example, according to 2018 data, the share of EU countries in Turkey's exports was around 50 percent. While exports to Europe, together with non-EU countries, accounted for 2019 percent of all exports at the end of 56, exports to Europe at the end of the first three quarters of 2020 accounted for 55 percent of all exports. European countries are followed by Near and Middle Eastern countries with 2019 percent in 19 and 2020 percent at the end of the first three quarters of 18.

In imports, the share of the EU-27 countries at the rate of 2019 percent at the end of 2020 and the first three quarters of 32 did not change. While imports from non-EU European countries in 2019 accounted for 18 percent of all imports, this rate declined to 2020 percent at the end of the first three quarters of 16. While imports from Near and Middle Eastern countries accounted for 2019 percent of all imports in 8, this rate rose to 2020 percent at the end of the first three quarters of 10.

At the end of the first three quarters of 2020, the share of Turkey's top 20 countries in total exports is about 66 percent, and the share of the top 20 countries in total imports is 78 percent. Germany and the USA are among the top 5 countries in both exports and imports. The share of China, which is the first country in imports, is 10,49 percent, while its share in exports is 1,66 percent.

As we leave the first quarter of 2021 behind, I find it useful to state that we, as the logistics sector, look more hopefully towards the coming months. We can say that the developments regarding Kapıkule, which UTIKAD also attaches great importance to, will greatly relieve road transport. With the acceleration of global vaccination, I hope that we will leave the pandemic behind, and I wish you to stay in good health to meet in more peaceful days.

Emre Eldener UTIKAD Chairman of the Board

Günceleme: 05/05/2021 17:04

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