Turkish Airlines is 88 years old

Turkish Airlines is old
Turkish Airlines is old

Turkish Airlines (THY), which was established on May 20, 1933 as the "State Airlines Operator" affiliated to the Ministry of National Defense and celebrates its 88th anniversary today, became the airline company that flies to the most countries in the world during this period.

Turkish Airlines, whose first name was the State Operations Administration of Airlines, which was established with the law numbered 20 of 1933 May 2186, was affiliated with the Ministry of National Defense until 1935, and was affiliated with the Ministry of Public Works with Law No. It started operation in August 2744 with 5 aircraft and 23 seat capacity. Its first aircraft was the American Curtiss manufactured King Bird D-1933 aircraft, serial number 208, called the Butterfly. The twin-engine aircraft, purchased for $ 2 each, could only carry five passengers. The first flight of the plane was Ankara on February 25.555, 3 with a connecting flight from Istanbul to Eskişehir. King Bird D-1933s were replaced by the British de Havilland manufactured DH.2A Dragon Rapide (89) and DH.1936B Dragon Express (86).

Fleet in 1933:

  • 2 Curtiss King Bird (5 seats)
  • 2 Junkers F-13 Limozin (4 seater)
  • 1 Tupolev ANT-9 (10 seats)

In 1935 to the Ministry of Public Works, with the law number 03.06.1938 of 3424, State Airlines General Directorate ''and affiliated to the Ministry of Transport as an administration with an annexed budget. With the law dated 21 May 1955 and numbered 6623, the General Directorate of State Airlines was abolished, Turkish Airlines Corporation The Government has been given the authority to establish a Joint Stock Company in order to carry out all kinds of air transportation and to be administered in accordance with the provisions of private law. Turkish Airlines was established with the approval of the Articles of Association by the Council of Ministers on February 20, 1956, registration and announcement in the Trade Registry, and started its operations on March 1, 1956. Its capital was 60 Million TL.

Turkish Airlines today has a modern fleet of 365 aircraft and a flight network covering 127 countries. Turkish Airlines, which first started its operations at Istanbul Atatürk Airport (formerly Yeşilköy Airport) under the name of "State Airlines Administration", laid the foundations of today's success with the new aircraft it added to its fleet between 1943-1945.

With the investments it has made in the aviation sector and the right strategies, which are going through difficult times due to the coronavirus epidemic, THY was at the top of Europe in 2020. According to the announced figures, Turkish Airlines left 2020 behind as the network carrier with the highest number of flights in Europe (44 domestic lines, 165 international destinations). Due to the pandemic, the company, which could supply 2020 percent of the capacity of 2019 in 40, achieved the least decrease in the number of passengers (minus 62 percent) and the highest occupancy rate (71 percent) among network carriers.

Speaking about the 88th anniversary of the establishment of THY, İlker Avcı, Chairman of the Board of Directors, said, “On the 88th anniversary of our journey to success, we continue to carry our flag with the excitement of the first day. Our company, which sometimes encounters beautiful days and sometimes storms in the sky during this journey, is now one of the most respected airline companies in the world thanks to the right steps taken. When we overcome the pandemic process that collapsed like a black cloud on the aviation industry, we will continue to increase our share in the industry with the energy we receive from our nation and our country. We are grateful to everyone who contributed to our company to reach today, ”he said.

THY Press Consultant Yahya Üstün, who shared a post about the subject on his social media account, said: “It was exactly 88 years ago from now. Maybe a lot has changed in the meantime, but our excitement and pride in flying our flag are still like the first day… Fortunately we are in the sky ”

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