Toyota Carries Leadership in Hybrid to Zero Emission Vehicles

Toyota carries its leadership in hybrid vehicles to zero-emission vehicles
Toyota carries its leadership in hybrid vehicles to zero-emission vehicles

Toyota has stepped up its efforts to further increase the number of "10" emission vehicles, more than 45 million units that are expected to be sold in the total market in Europe in the next 0 years. Toyota plans to increase its European sales to 45 million units in 2025 in the first place, in order to offer zero-emission vehicles under favorable conditions and to further the sales target of 1.5 million units of all brands. According to this plan, at least 1 percent of Toyota's vehicle sales corresponding to 200 million 80 thousand will be hybrid and plug-in hybrid vehicles. The remaining part of the target sale will include zero-emission vehicles with battery-powered electric and fuel cell systems. In addition, Toyota will offer more than 2025 electric, hybrid, plug-in hybrid and fuel cell vehicles by 10, 55 of which are zero emission.

Gray Wolf; "Toyota's priority is the environment"

Stating that the demand for environmentally friendly vehicles has increased with the effect of global warming, increasing awareness about the environment and the pandemic, Toyota Türkiye Pazarlama ve Satış A.Ş. CEO Ali Haydar Bozkurt said, “Starting from the 1970s, Toyota has made a revolution in the automotive industry with its hybrid technology, which has transferred a significant portion of its investments to developing environmentally friendly alternative fuels. At the point we have reached today, we see that almost all brands are investing for this and similar technologies. As Toyota, our main philosophy is to provide maximum environmental benefit to the world with our pioneering and leading identity. "We will continue to act in this direction and offer products for the benefit of humanity." Bozkurt underlined that hybrid vehicle technology is currently the most environmentally friendly and economical solution in the short and medium term to prevent air pollution caused by transportation, and said:

“The demand for personal environmentally friendly hybrid vehicles is also reflected in private institutions, public institutions and fleet demands. Especially recently, we see that many organizations such as banks prefer hybrid cars for fleet vehicles. Toyota achieved the lowest CO2 emissions by demonstrating its identity as the industry leader, with hybrid car sales offered in almost all segments. Since the first hybrid car we presented in our country in 2009, we have sold 44 thousand 478 hybrid vehicles. This was important in two respects. The first is to increase the awareness of environmentally friendly hybrid technology, to spread it and to raise environmental awareness to a higher level. The second is to continue working 360 degrees in order to transfer this awareness to future generations. At this point, the researches we have done show that the satisfaction and recommendation rates exceed 90 percent. We have come a long way in a very short time.

Today, users state that they prefer hybrids for fuel consumption, environmental factors, quiet and comfortable driving. Besides; Those who prefer hybrid technology also express that they will not drive vehicles other than hybrid, just like those who did not return to manual gear after switching to automatic transmission vehicles in the past. Not so much, 7-8 years ago, most of our people did not know what hybrid was. We explained the hybrid in every medium with our works and we crowned our success by reaching this level. Thus, we paved the way for other brands with our brand. "

Bozkurt also noted that if electric and hybrid vehicles, which are more costly than normal vehicles, are more accessible with tax regulations, there will be a greater tendency towards these vehicles and said, “Government incentives are important in the orientation to electric and hybrid vehicles in Europe. kazanhe's eating. In countries such as France and Norway, hybrid and electric vehicles are encouraged with low taxation and with cash support for vehicle purchases in Germany. I have full confidence that this issue will be handled meticulously by our state.” he said.

Toyota's hybrid sales exceed 17.5 million

Since introducing the Prius model with hybrid technology to the automobile world for the first time in 1997, Toyota has managed to exceed 17.5 million units in hybrid vehicle sales, and thanks to this technology, the emission of more than 140 million tons of CO2 emissions compared to equivalent gasoline vehicles has been prevented. In Turkey, in the first 2021 months of 4, hybrid car sales were realized as 22 within the total Toyota sales of 173 units. While the largest share in Toyota's hybrid sales is reflected in the records as Corolla Hybrid, which is produced in Turkey with 7 thousand 824 units, hybrid sales have reached 6 percent in the total automobile market sales in Turkey. Toyota's hybrid sales in the total market are increasing day by day in parallel with this, and Toyota continues to be the hybrid sales leader in the market by far. Every passenger car in Toyota's product range in Turkey has a self-charging hybrid version.

Toyota bears responsibility

In the statement made by Toyota; “We will not leave any of our customers behind on our carbon neutral journey. As a brand, we bear the responsibility of everyone to reach the lowest possible CO2 emission product, regardless of segment and budget ”. In line with this main foundation and vision, Toyota continues to maintain its strategies in line with the 6 Environmental Target, which consists of 2050 main headings, in order to reduce the environmental impact of automobiles to zero.

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