Third Generation Citroen C3 Production Exceeds 1 Million

Production of third generation citroen cun exceeded million
Production of third generation citroen cun exceeded million

Citroën, one of the world's leading automotive brands represented in our country under the umbrella of Groupe PSA Turkey, reached an important milestone with its C3 model in the B segment.

The Citroën C2002, which produced a total of 4,5 million units since 3, left behind 2016 million units with its third generation introduced to the market in 1. With these figures, C3 succeeded to be Citroën's best-selling model worldwide; Finally, it strengthened its position in the market and customer perception with its front view renewed in 2020, "Advanced Comfort" seats and extensive customization options. Offering maximum personalization options to its users with a wide variety of color combinations, C3 differs from other members of its class with its superior technology.

Citroën achieved a significant success with the C3, which is among the most popular models in its class. The Citroën C2002, which has been produced in total 4,5 million units since 3, when it was first introduced to the market, has surpassed 2016 million units with its third generation model introduced in 1. With these figures, the C3, which has become Citroën's best-selling model worldwide, also pioneered a new design approach with its third generation and gave a new impetus to the brand. kazannagged. Increasing its success every year with new design and equipment features, the versatile city car C3, took its place among the seven best vehicles of its segment in the European market. In 2020, the strengths of the Citroën C3 were further reinforced with the improvements made. In this context, many modern equipment that makes daily life easier with the new front design, increased comfort features, “Advanced Comfort” seats and 97 different personalization combinations have been integrated into the C3. As a result of all these developments, Citroën C3 increased its commercial success; last year, it was among the three best-selling models in its segment in key markets such as France, Spain, Italy, Belgium, Portugal, Denmark, Slovakia and Bulgaria.

Richer and more colorful!

Citroën C3 differs from other cars with its original design, striking details and extraordinary features. Having a modern and powerful appearance, the C3 is distinguished by its rich details and colorful personality compared to other vehicles in its class. Standing out as the first model with the most comprehensive customization options in 2016, when its third generation was introduced, the C3 continues this feature by further developing it today. Customization options including contrast roof color and new body colors; It allows the creation of different skins specific to each user. Each C3 user can create their own C97 that is unlike any other, thanks to 3 different combinations. Adding Elixir Red and Spring Blue to its existing special colors consisting of Bright Pearl Black, Steel Gray, Platinum Gray, Soft Sand and Polar White, C3 reveals its difference with a total of 7 special body colors. Users can combine their C4 with 3 different color packages, black, white and red, as well as the new Anodized Emerald color, which includes Airbump® and fog lamp surrounds. In addition, in accordance with the color of the side mirrors and the color of the corner panel coverings; There are also 4 different ceiling colors: Emerald Blue, Opal White, Onyx Black and Aden Red. Optionally, one of the 3 ceiling decors can be selected with graphic themes in the form of stickers, in corner panel coverings on the ceiling in red, Techwood and Emerald. In line with the “love at first sight” approach introduced with its third generation, 3 percent of C41 sales; Shine, which includes maximum safety, comfort and technology, is preferred with its upper equipment package. Two color options are preferred in 65 percent of the sales, while the Airbump® choice stands out with 68 percent.

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