Mardin Children's Traffic Education Park Works Started

The work of the mardin children traffic education park started
The work of the mardin children traffic education park started

In line with the instructions of Mardin Governor and Deputy Mayor Mahmut Demirtaş, children will be raised traffic awareness. kazanThe works of the Traffic Education Park, which will be

Mardin Metropolitan Municipality has started the work of the Traffic Education Park Project, in which children in the city have traffic awareness from a young age.

The Traffic Education Park, which is carried out by the Plan and Project Branch Directorate of the Department of Reconstruction and Urbanization and will be supported by the Department of Science, is built on 6 thousand 910 square meters.

The area includes: the education building and the streets, streets, crossroads, bicycle paths, overpasses, level crossings and pedestrian sidewalks where the children will receive education.

In the Traffic Education Park, which is designed completely for children, the traffic lessons will be given in two stages, theoretical and practical, to the students who are going to 4th and 5th grade by the teams affiliated to the Traffic Branch Directorate of the Provincial Police Department.

Children will learn about sidewalks, turning-illuminated and non-illuminated crossings, pedestrian crossings, overpasses, level crossings, traffic signs on the traffic track with battery-powered cars. In this way, the little ones will learn the traffic rules practically.

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