36 Billion Cost in YHT Projects Increased to 134 Billion Lira

The total cost of yht projects increased from billion to billion liras
The total cost of yht projects increased from billion to billion liras

The reason behind the increase in the total cost of the High Speed ​​​​Train (YHT) projects from 36,5 billion TL to 2021 billion TL in the 133,9 investment program was lack of planning.

Ministry of Transport and Infrastructure, Ankara-İzmir, Bandırma-Osmaneli, Adana-Gaziantep, Yerköy-Kayseri, Gebze-Halkalı, Aksaray-Yenice YHT projects from the Republic of Turkey State Railways (TCDD) transferred to the General Directorate of Infrastructure Investments (AYGM).

According to the news of Erdem Sevgi from CumhuriyetThe record-breaking cost increases that emerged in this process were brought to the agenda of the Parliament by CHP Deputy Chairman Ahmet Akın. Akın asked the Ministry of Transport and Infrastructure why the cost of the projects increased from 36,5 billion TL to 133,9 billion TL.

In the response from the Ministry, it was stated that while the relevant YHT lines throughout Turkey are under TCDD, only infrastructure works are included in the investment program. In the response, AYGM stated that the superstructure works of the said lines, electrification-signaling works, forming the station facilities and the transportation of the conventional lines at the city center crossings outside the city were stated. In the response, it was said about the folding costs on the YHT lines, "There is a difference in scope, not an increase".


Akın from CHP stated that the Ministry accepted that the extraordinary cost increase in YHT lines was caused by unplanned planning, and said, “The response of the Ministry is a clear admission that the government cannot manage Turkey. Incomplete planning has been made for the YHT lines. Deficiencies caused costs to multiply in the 2021 investment program. This is a sign of foresight and planlessness. In the last year, the exchange rate has increased, and foreign credit costs have increased. Incomplete planning in the 2020 program will cause public harm,” he said.

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