The Foundation of KİPTAŞ Eyüpsultan Yeşil Pınar Houses Will Be Started on May 25

The foundation of kiptas eyupsultan yesil pinar houses will be laid on May
The foundation of kiptas eyupsultan yesil pinar houses will be laid on May

IMM is starting the transformation that will set an example for all areas with property problems in Istanbul. Rights holders living in risky buildings are getting their new homes with the on-site transformation project. The groundbreaking ceremony of KİPTAŞ Eyüpsultan Yeşil Pınar Houses, where all its equipment will be open to local residents, was held by İBB President. Ekrem İmamoğluIt takes place with the participation of .

Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality (IMM) is starting the transformation in Alibeyköy Yeşilpınar Mahallesi, Eyüpsultan district, which was declared a risky area by the Council of Ministers in 2016. The on-site transformation project, which is managed in an open and transparent manner by İBB subsidiary KİPTAŞ, and fully agreed by the beneficiaries, is being implemented. The construction of KİPTAŞ Eyüpsultan Yeşil Pınar Houses, which will be built on the site, which has been a property problem for nearly 50 years, will be started on Tuesday, May 25, by the President of IMM. Ekrem İmamoğluIt starts with the participation of .


The land on which the project will be built was put up for sale by the previous KİPTAŞ management for 14 million 227 thousand TL. The new management, who took office in 2019, canceled the sales decision and started working for the on-site transformation project. The Reconciliation Office was opened in the neighborhood on December 2, 2019. The signing phase has started in the contracts. Citizens with an agreement were evacuated from risky structures one by one. Moving and rent aids started to be provided. Reconciliation processes were completed within 18 months with a realistic and concrete solution. An agreement was reached with each right holder.

KİPTAŞ included the inhabitants of the neighborhood in the process and aimed that the residents would not move away from the region they lived for years. He managed a very transparent process for a transformation model that will make the people of the region a stakeholder to the value to be created with the project to be implemented. On August 17, 2020, on the anniversary of the Marmara Earthquake, the demolition process of the single-storey buildings evacuated on the site began. Before demolitions, asbestos materials were detected and dismantled in all buildings.


With KİPTAŞ Eyüpsultan Yeşil Pınar Houses, a design-oriented project that will add value to the region with its social facilities and green areas will be built. An open site with 60% green areas, playgrounds and meeting areas will be designed. A nursery, library and family health center will be built within the scope of the project. All areas will not be left behind the walls and will be open to everyone in Eyüpsultan Yeşil Pınar Neighborhood.

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