Work Permit Duty Certificate Received from the Workplace Has Been Extended

Duration of work permit duty document has been extended

The validity period of the work permit assignment document form, which is filled out manually by the employers and employees under the Ministry of Interior exemption, has been extended until 12:2021 on Wednesday, May 24.00, XNUMX.

In the circular, it was reported that the lines of business and their officials who were exempted from the curfew in order to avoid any disruption in production, manufacturing, supply and logistics chains during the complete closure period were determined and announced.

In the Circular, in order to ensure the continuity of production activities in the business lines that are within the scope of exemption during the full closure process and to prevent abuse of exemptions, the employees working at workplaces exempt from the curfew restrictions, "work permit" via the e-Application system or manually filled in and signed and approved by the employee and the workplace authority. It was reminded that the obligation of obtaining the work permit duty document form ”and submitting it during inspections was imposed.

In the Circular, the full

It was stated that as of today, approximately 9.5 million applications have been concluded through the e-Application system for sector employees who have been granted exemption during the closing process and a work permit duty document has been issued in a way that is limited by the reason, route and time of the exemption.

Considering temporary situations such as Nace code matching error, those who cannot obtain a work permit duty certificate due to their subcontractor not within the scope of exemption despite working at a workplace within the scope of exemption, and temporary situations such as access error; failure to obtain a duty certificate through the system In order not to cause disruption, it was stated that the validity period of the “work permit assignment document form”, which is signed by manually filling in the statement / commitment of the employer and the employee, has been extended until 12:2021 on Wednesday, May 24.00, XNUMX.

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