An Accident Driver Will Be Invited To The Course And Subject To Compulsory Training

The driver who has an accident will be invited to the course and subject to compulsory training.
The driver who has an accident will be invited to the course and subject to compulsory training.

Police General Directorate (EGM) Traffic Presidency Training and Coordination Branch Manager Tolga Hakan said that drivers who had an accident could be called back to driving courses and subjected to compulsory trainings, and that efforts in this direction continue.

Stating that besides the control and infrastructure works on traffic safety, education, awareness and awareness campaigns for road users are also important, Hakan said that they prepared many campaigns under the leadership of Interior Minister Süleyman Soylu, especially during the holidays and summer holidays when the traffic density increases. He stated that "Whistle", "We Are Always Together On This Way", Priority Is Life, Priority Pedestrian, "Pedestrians Red Line" are some of these campaigns.

Hakan stated that campaigns are trying to ensure that citizens comply with traffic rules and that they organize various mass events in order to increase the awareness of the society in this area.

Reached 30-35 Thousand Students This Year with Mobile Traffic Training Truck

Emphasizing that the training and activities aim to appeal to every road user, Hakan stated that they reached 54-540 thousand students in 30 schools in 35 provinces this year with the "Mobile Traffic Training Truck", which is one of the educational tools, but their goal is to reach 2,5 million students.

Stating that they will organize some activities with the slogan "I Do Not Forget My Seat Belt" during the "Traffic Week", Hakan said, "Our aim with educational activities is to ensure less loss of life on the roads, to raise awareness of our citizens, to increase their awareness of obeying the rules." said.

Stating that traffic safety trainings have been intensified since 2018, Hakan said, “We have reached 2-7 million road users in the last 7,5 years. We have the 'Traffic Detectives' Project. With that project, we aimed to reach not only school-age children, but also children between the ages of 2 and 5. " used the expressions.

We Will Have The Opportunity To Subject To Compulsory Training For Drivers In An Accident

Hakan pointed out that the first trainings were given theoretically and practically in the courses before getting a driver's license, and that the drivers did not have the opportunity to receive training later on, continued his words as follows:

“With the 2021-2030 Road Traffic Safety Strategy Document and Action Plan, we have set some targets for receiving these trainings in certain periods. We will have the opportunity to subject drivers who have accidents to compulsory training. Our work continues. In particular, in line with the information we receive from the Insurance and Information Monitoring Center, we will make some evaluations according to the accident intensity and the age groups of our drivers involved in the accident. According to this statistical information, we will make a legislative study on how to participate in the training period in which they are required. They will be invited to our driving courses again and subjected to both theoretical and practical training. In addition, the status of these drivers will be followed by us. "

Regarding whether these drivers will be licensed temporarily, Hakan said, “For the moment, these issues are in the planning phase. In the Strategy Document and Action Plan, we discussed the dimensions of their training, but we will evaluate other issues in the future. " said.

We Want Everyone In The Vehicle To Wear Their Seat Belts

In order to ensure road traffic safety, Hakan asked citizens to comply with speed limits, use seat belts, pay attention to road signs and markers, not use mobile phones while behind the wheel, and avoid other behaviors that would endanger them.

Referring to the life-saving role of using seat belts in traffic accidents, Hakan said, “We want everyone in the vehicle to wear their seat belts. We demand that not only the front seat, but also those sitting in the back seat wear their seat belts. Again, we ask our citizens to keep their seat belts fastened during their travels on buses in intercity travels. " he spoke.

Noting that reducing the number of casualties and injuries as a result of traffic accidents requires a long effort, Hakan added that they expect citizens to support them in this sense.

Günceleme: 04/05/2021 13:22

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