Temsa Delivers 22 Buses to Belgium

Large bus delivery from temsa to center of europe
Large bus delivery from temsa to center of europe

TEMSA has completed the second batch of 4 units after the first batch of 22 units delivered to the Belgian public transport company OTW last December. Including a total of 26 LD SB PLUS model vehicles in the company's fleet, TEMSA will increase the number of vehicles in OTW to 40 with the orders for continuation.

TEMSA, which started an export attack in the European market, accelerated its deliveries. The company, which delivered the first batch of 4 units to Opérateur de transport de Wallonie (OTW), the public transport company of the Wallonie region located in the south of Belgium in the past months, also delivered the second batch of vehicles consisting of 22 LD SB PLUS models to the region.


Within the framework of the frame order contract signed between TEMSA and OTW, which has been the largest bus order in the Benelux region in recent years, the number of TEMSA branded vehicles that will hit the roads of Wallonie will reach 14 with the order of 40 continuation vehicles in the next few years.

Standing out as a region with a total population of 3,7 million, Wallonie is also known as Europe's commercial crossroads. Sold to OTW, the official transport operator of the Wallonie region, these vehicles will be used in the public transportation activities of South Belgium.


TEMSA's richly equipped LDSB PLUS vehicles attract attention with their modular interior design, advanced security systems, economic and user-friendly structure. Offering high performance, low fuel consumption and a comfort-oriented design concept, the vehicles promise a comfortable journey to passengers with the body lowering / raising feature that provides ease of getting off and on and the option of electrically powered disabled elevator. In addition to the alcohol meter feature of the LD SB model, which guarantees safe driving, its equipment such as automatic braking system, heated windshield and reversing sensor provide easy use for the drivers, while providing a safe and comfortable travel opportunity for passengers.

Passengers who can benefit from the spacious interior design and powerful air conditioning system also have the opportunity to charge their personal electronic devices thanks to the USB ports included among the equipment.


Making a statement on the subject, TEMSA Deputy General Manager of Sales Hakan Koralp said, “This export to Belgium is a great pride for us in this period when TEMSA has begun to have more say in the global market. It is also an important opportunity for the Benelux market within the scope of TEMSA's brand image. TEC Group, the operating company of OTW, which is responsible for local public transport in the Wallonie District, carries 2 million passengers every year with a fleet of 400 buses. In addition, they also carry out tram and subway transportation. We are delighted to realize the biggest bus delivery in the Benelux region in recent years, ”he said.

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