Sumela Monastery and Altındere Valley are Waiting for Visitors

Sumela monastery and altindere valley await visitors
Sumela monastery and altindere valley await visitors

Trabzon Governor İsmail Ustaoğlu and Trabzon Metropolitan Municipality Mayor Murat Zorluoğlu examined the works carried out in Sümela Monastery and Altındere Valley before the upcoming tourism season.

Trabzon Governor İsmail Ustaoğlu and Trabzon Metropolitan Municipality Mayor Murat Zorluoğlu are closely interested in the activities carried out in Sümela Monastery and Altındere Valley, which are among the important tourism destinations of Turkey. Before the upcoming tourism season, Governor Ustaoğlu and Mayor Zorluoğlu, who saw the latest conditions of the works, are almost working for the sake of leaving the region happily. TRABİTAŞ Chairman Adnan Gül, Kent A.Ş. General Manager Emre Gülsever, Deputy Provincial Director of Culture and Tourism Mustafa Asan, Maçka District Governor Selim Çomaklı, Maçka Mayor Koray Koçhan, department chiefs and press members.


Trabzon Metropolitan Municipality Mayor Murat Zorluoğlu made statements to the press about the work carried out after his examinations. Mayor Zorluoğlu stated that, as the Metropolitan Municipality, they give great importance to the Sumela Monastery, which is located in Uzungöl and Altındere Valley, whose reputation exceeds the borders of the country, “Actually, after we started to work, the Metropolitan Municipality started to touch the Sümela Monastery and Altındere Valley in which it is located. Under the guidance and coordination of our esteemed Governor, we first exchanged ideas on how to make this region more attractive and how the people who will visit this place will leave happily. We sat down and talked about these with our friends. And then we saw that area planning with a holistic approach is a must. After the site planning, a site management was required. We planned all of these in stages. And after this planning, each institution has started to do its duty in order to eliminate the infrastructural deficiencies in the field ”.


Stating that there is a serious parking problem in the area, Mayor Zorluoğlu said, “I personally experienced this problem when I came here with my wife and children years ago. Years later, it was also meaningful for me to take part in overcoming these problems. To solve this problem, we have built two separate parking lots for buses and passenger cars under the control of the Metropolitan Municipality. Future buses and passenger cars will park there. Later, as the Metropolitan Municipality, we put comfortable minibuses. Currently 23 units, but the number can be increased according to need. We will take our guests to the Sümela Monastery to make a ring with those minibuses and bring them back to the same parking lot. There are also areas in those parking lots where people can meet some of their social needs. In addition, we will train the drivers and minibus owners who carry out transportation on behalf of the Metropolitan Municipality. And I hope our visitors who come here will receive a nice welcome ”.


Providing information about the facilities built, President Zorluoğlu said, “We are also bringing in beautiful facilities to the region that will satisfy the food and drink and souvenir purchasing needs of our visitors, but at the same time, suitable for local architecture and that will never disrupt the nature visually. As the Metropolitan Municipality, we are doing this together with our Regional Directorate of National Parks. Hopefully, we will complete it by the middle or the end of July. When it is finished, our visitors who come here will be able to spend time in a very beautiful and special place in every sense. They will eat their meals and drink their coffees in a magnificent view of the Sumela Monastery on the balcony of the building that we will use as a cafeteria and restaurant. I hope this confusion will disappear completely ”he said.


Emphasizing that they are making an alternative road in the region as the Metropolitan Municipality, Mayor Zorluoğlu said, “This road is actually a road leading to different plateaus above. On the one hand, we said to people that you can no longer get up from here with your vehicles, on the other hand, we started the construction of an alternative approximately 11-kilometer parallel road for our citizens who will go up higher than Sümela. Currently, the art structures are about to be completed. Hopefully, by the end of August, when the superstructure is completed, our citizens who will go to their own highlands will be able to use that road. Of course, our Ministry of Culture is doing a great restoration work here. Highways are doing a very serious road work. In other words, this is a working area where all institutions come together under the discretion of our Governor and do very right things with a really correct planning. Today, I am very pleased with this, ”he said.


Mayor Zorluoğlu, thanking each and every one who contributed to the work carried out, said, “Dear Governor, Dear Minister of Culture and Tourism, General Directorate of Highways and Regional Directorate, National Parks Regional and Provincial Directorate, our most important local interlocutor, Maçka District Governorship, Maçka Municipality and everyone who contributed. I sincerely thank you. Hopefully, with the new relaxation that will emerge after June 1, we are preparing this place for our guests and invite all our guests to see the Sümela Monastery and the magnificent Altındere Valley, which is a precious part of the world cultural heritage ”.


Trabzon Governor İsmail Ustaoğlu said, “We are in the area where our Sümela Monastery, one of the most important works of the world cultural heritage, is located. The 22st stage restoration of our Sümela Monastery, which was closed to visitors on September 2015, 1 and the restoration process started, was completed and opened to visitors. During this period, studies were carried out at the point of landscaping and rock reclamation works of our Sümela Monastery. In 2019, the 2nd stage restoration work started this time. We opened it to visitors in July 2020 with the participation of our President's teleconference. During this time, we formed a joint working team with our Metropolitan Mayor. "We made a plan in order to bring the service standard of this place to a better place in a way that suits the image of our country and the image of our city in a good way for our visitors who have problems about this place, especially the transportation, parking areas and social facilities."

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