Significant Grant Support for Digitalization in the Manufacturing Industry

Significant grant support for digitization in the manufacturing industry
Significant grant support for digitization in the manufacturing industry

With the collaboration of Hasan Kalyoncu University (HKU), OSB Teknokent and KOSGEB Gaziantep Provincial Directorate, the "KOSGEB KOBIGEL 2021 Call Information Webinar" organized a webinar examining the details of the grant support project with the theme of Digitalization in the Manufacturing Industry. In the online seminar; KOSGEB Gaziantep Provincial Director Muhammed Paksoy attended as a speaker. Paksoy gave important information to the participants on issues that were wondered about in the grant support project.

Noting that the goal is to support SMEs, Muhammed Paksoy stated that the 2021-01 and 2021-02 Project Proposals with the theme "Digitalization in the Manufacturing Industry" prepared within the scope of the "KOBIGEL - SME Development Support Program" were announced and announced to the public with two important calls. If we explain these two calls, call 1 is to support domestic technology developer SMEs that can contribute to the digitalization process in the manufacturing industry. Call 2 was determined as increasing the level of utilization of digital technologies in production and related business processes of SMEs operating in the manufacturing industry ”.

Within the scope of the 2021 - 01 Call for Project Proposals, Paksoy, technology developer SMEs in the electronics, informatics, machine manufacturing sectors that develop products and solutions related to smart digital technologies; He stated that they can submit projects to make value-added improvements in their products or software that include one or several of the 8 digital technologies associated with the manufacturing industry, or to commercialize the products and software they have developed.

Listing the topics on which SMEs can submit projects, Paksoy said, “To list the topics that can be applied; Processing of big data with analytical methods and its use in the manufacturing industry, the internet of objects in the manufacturing industry, industrial robot technologies in the manufacturing industry, smart sensor technologies in the manufacturing industry, cyber-physical smart factory systems and components based on artificial intelligence, cyber security in the manufacturing industry, smart and flexible automation systems in the manufacturing industry is augmented reality or virtual reality technologies in the manufacturing industry and only one of the 2021-01 or 2021-02 project proposals can be applied for. Multiple selections can be made among the eligible project topics covered by the call. If the rate of meeting the technologies acquired by the manufacturer SMEs from domestic companies is high, this situation will be taken into consideration in the evaluation of project applications in a positive way. Enterprises that will submit projects must be registered and active in KOSGEB Database ”.

"Support up to 1 million TL per business"

Explaining the support rates and grant amounts for the project, Paksoy said, “The support rate in this project is 60 percent. 30 percent of the support to be calculated over this rate is non-refundable support and 70 percent is paid as support with a guarantee. Non-refundable support and refundable support are paid together. Within the scope of the Project Call for Proposals, a total of 300 million TL support can be provided, up to 700 thousand TL non-refundable and 1 thousand TL refundable per enterprise. Making an application will not create any right to the business. Applications will be scored according to the evaluation criteria determined by KOSGEB and the number of applications that can be supported within the budget possibilities will be supported according to the score ranking. Project application form sample, application guide, other required documents and application principles of the program; It can be reached at the address The application system for the project call will be closed on May 17, 2021 at 23:59 ”and gave important information about the project.

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