Refik Anadol's Machine Memories: Space Exhibition Opens to Everyone

Refik Anadolu Machine Memory Space Exhibition is open for everyone to visit
Refik Anadolu Machine Memory Space Exhibition is open for everyone to visit

Meeting with Istanbulites with the special support of IMM, Refik Anadol's "Machine Memories: Space" exhibition, YouTubemeets with all of Turkey in Turkey. KÜLTÜR AŞ, one of the main sponsors of the exhibition, offers the opportunity to experience all the works in the collection for 15 days through the online platform.

Refik Anadol's "Machine Memories: Space" exhibition, of which Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality (IMM) is a special sponsor and one of its affiliates, Kültür A.Ş. Long queues were formed at the door of the exhibition, which hosted a limited number of visitors under pandemic conditions, until the closing day. With the support of IMM and KÜLTÜR AŞ, a new study was carried out to enable art lovers both from Istanbul and across Turkey to experience the exhibition, which was offered free of charge to art lovers. Culture of KÜLTÜR AŞ.Istanbul YouTube In his account, two special videos titled “360 Degree Exhibition Tour” and “Full Exhibition Tour” were published, and the exhibition was opened to visitors by virtual tour.


Culture of KÜLTÜR AŞ.Istanbul YouTube The "360 Degree Exhibition Tour", which can be viewed from the account, offers the opportunity to walk through the floors of the exhibition. The exhibition can be experienced entirely from the visitor's own perspective. Without requiring any additional features or hardware from computers, mobile phones or tablets, the works in the collection can be seen by moving in the exhibition area with the directions in the video. Those who experience the 360 ​​Degree Exhibition Tour with their smart phones or tablets can visit by moving their devices or touching the keys.

KÜLTÜR AŞ's YouTube The floors can be visited one by one in the "Full Exhibition Tour", which can be accessed from the account. In addition, information about the works can be heard from Refik Anadolu himself. These two different experience videos of the Refik Anadol "Machine Memories: Space" exhibition are Kültür AŞ's Kültür.İstanbul YouTube his account will be available until the end of Sunday, May 16.

360 Degree Exhibition Tour: / watch? v = 2YUssC5yD7w

Full Exhibition Tour: / watch? v = 5JSBv3iJ-bU

KÜLTÜR INC. YouTube: / c / CultureIstanbulTV


Refik Anadol, a media artist who sees artificial intelligence as a teammate rather than a tool, has been investigating the interrelated key concepts we use to understand the universe, human senses, machines and memory through the lens of digital art and architecture. "Machine Memories: Space", the most comprehensive solo exhibition of Refik Anadol Studio in Los Angeles to date, offers a new conceptual framework that reveals the place of astronomical research in human history and sheds light on large data sets about space. "Machine Memories: Space" creates an alternative data universe where information sets are transformed into open-ended aesthetic possibilities through scientific initiatives and visual speculation using machine intelligence to explore the depths of the universe.

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