Petrol Ofisi Celebrated Its Different Leadership In Mineral Oils With Its Distributors

Petrol office celebrated its different leadership in mineral oils with distributors
Petrol office celebrated its different leadership in mineral oils with distributors

Petrol Ofisi celebrated its renewed market leadership by achieving a difference of more than 7% in the lubricants and chemicals sector in Turkey, together with its distributors who have achieved success.

According to the data of the Petroleum Industry Association (PETDER); In 2020, under pandemic conditions, the lubricants and chemicals market grew by 9 percent. Petrol Ofisi, which grew 2020 percent above the total market in 11.6, increased its market share to 30.5 and reached a difference of 7.4 percent with its closest follower. Petrol Ofisi increased its market share by 2020% in the Turkish lubricants market, which grew 8.5% in 11.7, and increased its market share to 29.1, bringing the difference with its followers to 3.8%. Having completed the year 2020 with a growth of 1 percent, Petrol Ofisi recorded a 7.3 percent increase in the passenger car motor oils market in Turkey, and increased its market share here to 19.8 percent. Petrol Ofisi increased its exports to 2020 tons in 11.500, when pandemic conditions negatively affected global markets.

In the online meeting held with the lubricant distributors of Petrol Ofisi, the traditional leader of the Turkish lubricants and chemicals industry, 2020 results and 2021 developments were evaluated. All of the distributors from all over Turkey and abroad attended the Petrol Ofisi Lubricants Distributors Meeting, which celebrates this important success achieved in the mineral oils and chemicals market despite the difficult pandemic conditions.

"A very clear leadership, a very important growth"

Speaking at the meeting, Petrol Ofisi CEO Selim Şiper emphasized the magnitude of the success achieved and thanked those who contributed. Remarking that no matter how they look or how they are calculated, they have reached a very clear leadership and achieved a very important growth, Selim Şiper stated that they made a serious difference both in quantity and quality in the market.

Drawing attention to Petrol Ofisi's leadership in every line of business, Petrol Ofisi CMO Beril Alakoç said, “The leaderships achieved are the realistic and sincere stance of Petrol Ofisi communication, and its continuous investments during the pandemic period are concrete records and results of developments in brand health measurements”. Making his statement, he thanked the distributors.

Closed the year 2020 with 11 percent growth, reached approximately 134 thousand tons

Sezgin Gürsu, Director of Petrol Ofisi Lubricants, stated that pandemic conditions had significant negative effects on the lubricants sector as in every sector, and said, “We have experienced many crises so far. But the ongoing pandemic was a very different crisis. The lubricants industry also had a very difficult time. Despite all the uncertainties caused by the pandemic, we made bold, fast and correct decisions. We focused on our work, 'what can we do best in the current situation'. 2020 was a game changer in every aspect. However, our work has been a year in which we achieved an extraordinarily important success as a result of our efforts. We maintained our leadership in both the mineral oils and chemicals total market and the mineral oils market by making huge differences.

We closed the year 2020 with 2019 percent growth compared to 11; We reached from 121 thousand tons to approximately 134 thousand tons. When we look at the total market, there was a difference of 7.4 percent and more than 20 thousand tons in terms of volume with our followers. Likewise, we reinforced our leadership in the pure mineral oils market. Our market share in passenger car engine oils, which was around 8 percent until 10-10 years ago, increased to 19,8 percent last year. This is a great success in a market that has been established for 100 years and includes global players.

We work with a network of distributors that no one has a share in Turkey.

Of course, our technical services, product development, factory production and supply chain played a major role in this success. But we made a difference especially with our distributor network. We've all achieved this together as a whole.

As Petrol Ofisi, our market share in the last 5 years; We moved from 26 percent to 30 percent in the total mineral oils and chemicals market, and from 24 percent to 29 percent in the lubricants only market. In passenger car engine oils, we have decreased from 13 percent to 20.

This success has 3 important pillars. The first is the brand; We have a very strong brand like Petrol Ofisi. The second is management; We have a management approach based on mutual trust, reason and logic with you. Third, business partners; We work with a distributor network that no one has a share in Turkey.

Siftah Lider's campaign received the first prize in the field of mineral oil

The campaign from Siftah Leader, which we held during the pandemic period, was also greatly appreciated. In order to support our masters in difficult conditions, we designed and prepared the Siftah Liderden campaign very quickly, with your contribution, and distributed it within 1 month when the wheels started to spin again in June. The success of our campaign brought the first award in the field of mineral oil. The Siftah Liderden campaign won two awards at the prestigious Felis 2020. Likewise, with the pandemic, the online training we provide to our customers has also attracted great interest and appreciation.

At this proud point that we have reached today, the sprouting of the seeds we sown on time and the labor of many years. However, the successful operation of our distributors and field teams under difficult conditions has a great contribution to the success that has emerged at such a high level.

As Petrol Ofisi, I firmly believe that we will continue this success by developing together with our distributors who have a long history and are based on mutual trust. I would like to thank everyone who contributed, ”he said.

Petrol Ofisi Lubricants Distributors Meeting, where 2021 investments and targets are also shared, Lubricants Senior Sales Manager Hüseyin Engin Tekkeli, Distributor Sales Manager Öztürk Türköz, Export Sales Manager Turgay Yenişen, Mineral Oils Marketing Manager İbrahim Başa, Factory Senior Manager Tolga Şahin and Technology and It ended with the presentations made by Technical Services Manager Murat Bayram.

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